If you want to know once and for all whether or not your man is a misogynist, it is important that you first know what some of the telltale signs are. There are certain signs that your guy could be a woman hater, and it’s crucial that you are aware of them. This article should provide you with all of the information you need when it comes to making this sort of determination.

1. He constantly reminds you that he’s “the man”
When your boyfriend constantly reminds you that he’s not just a man but “the man,” it’s a surefire sign that he probably dislikes women in general. If your boyfriend keeps reminding you of his masculinity, chances are he is compensating for something. A lot of women hating men do this, and it definitely starts to get annoying very quickly.

2. You Regularly hear him complain about women in general
Another obvious sign that the guy you are currently dating is a misogynistic dirt bag is that he keeps complaining about women being money grubbing whores who only want to use men. While it may seem extremely odd that he’d complain about women in this sort of way in front of you, it is typical of these types of guys. This is definitely a huge red flag that you will need to watch out for.

3. He tells you to shut up when he’s talking
Has your man ever told you to shut up while he is speaking? Maybe you accidentally interrupted him and he went off on you. Misogynistic men cannot stand when they think a woman is trying to dominate them in some way, and that includes talking over them or talking while they’re talking.

4. He tells you that you wouldn’t understand things because you are a woman
While it may be true that women cannot relate to certain issues as well as men, it’s never a good thing when a man is constantly telling a woman that she wouldn’t understand lots of different things just because of her gender. If your man is always telling you this, there is a high likelihood that he just has a deep-seated disdain for the female gender in general. This type of condescending behavior is typical of misogynists, and you will need to take it seriously if it ever appears with your guy.

5. He becomes enraged when rejected by women
A true misogynist will typically become visibly enraged when rejected by a woman, whether it is romantically or in some other way. The fact of the matter is that one doesn’t explode in anger over rejection unless he views women as objects. Guys who do this just expect women to give them everything they want, and when they don’t get it they act like a toddler. You definitely don’t want to be with any man who exhibits this behavior at all.

6. He says that all women are crazy or irrational
A lot of misogynistic guys keep insisting that all women are simply crazy or irrational because they let their emotions get the best of them (unlike men.) This is a very common mantra among women hating men, and it’s crucial that you pay close attention to any comments like this that are made by the guy you are with. Anyone who generalizes an entire gender like this isn’t rational themselves, and they are in fact huge hypocrites. You don’t want anything to do with a guy who has this sort of mentality.

7. He gets upset when you want to demonstrate your independence
Whether it is insisting that you pay for your half of a meal or even getting a job, your guy might get visibly upset if he is a misogynist. These types of guys never like it when women display open acts of independence, simply because they feel as though it is emasculating in some way or another. The last thing you want to do is date a guy who won’t let you be independent when you want, whatever that happens to mean in the moment.

8. He thinks you can’t handle any physically demanding tasks
He has said to you on more than one occasion that you are too weak to perform certain physical tasks and that you better leave it to the man in the relationship. Misogynistic men often like to put women down by telling them that they are physically inferior to them. If you have been reminded of this ‘fact” by your man before, it is very likely that he has a general distaste for women. You should never let any man tell you that you cannot hold your own when it comes to doing a physically demanding job of any kind.

9. He thinks feminism is a big joke
Your boyfriend has probably made one way too many comments about how the feminist/post-feministic movement is just one big joke. These types of men don’t take feminism seriously at all, and indeed they believe deep down that women shouldn’t have the same rights and opportunities as men because of their deep hatred for them. There is a huge difference between saying that you disapprove of extreme feminists as opposed to saying that feminism as a whole shouldn’t be taken seriously at all.

10. He believes that women shouldn’t be allowed to get an abortion
Many guys who say that women shouldn’t be allowed to decide whether or not to get an abortion are extremely misogynistic, whether or not they will openly admit it. Abortion is still such a hot topic with so many people that it can be difficult to tell if a man hates women just by their stance on this issue, but it can definitely be an indicator. Some people detest the idea of abortions for religious reasons, while others just don’t like women in general. You might want to get to the root of why your man believes this.


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