So, what’s the difference? How men and women imagine their perfect date? What rules they are following? Let’s go through the rules women want guys to follow! You will never have a second chance to make a first impression.

10 Men First Date Rules From Women

Avoid saying the “L” word.
Don’t take me wrong, I don’t really have any issues about the “L” word. The thing is that the “I love you” phrase may make your partner feel really awkward in this case. Even though you have never seen her shine so bright, this is not the reason to say the girl that you love her. This is not the phrase you may just say and switch to another topic. It often requires a feedback. And how the hell a girl can give you a feedback if this is your first date. You both hardly know each other. Thus, women consider it a too serious phrase to tell on the first date.

Ask her out on a second date.
All the general topics to discuss on a first date, like, for example, hobbies, interests, and dreams are great. So, why not to make them serve you? Such info may help you to come up with an idea for your second date. Don’t hesitate to ask a girl out during your first date. Trust me, she will appreciate the gesture. Besides, this will sound really romantic if you note, for example, that she is excited about Marvel movies and suggest her going to watch new X-men movie. So be attentive and creative.

Leave your Ex out of this.
It does not actually matter whether you want to boast about your past relationships, or to complain about how bad they used to be. Leave your ex out of this. Even though, you provide negative facts exclusively, your girl may think you are still emotionally attached to your ex, which is NOT good. You don’t want your girl to think that all she’ll get from this relationship is headache, do you?

Modesty is what you need on a first date.
You must have her about women looking for a man with a fortune. Such women want nothing but to live a luxury life. It is really common for women to pick a more wealthy man if she has to choose between two similar potential partners. However, it does not mean you should tell her how much money you usually spend and flaunt your fortune. Most women prefer men with a potential to success rather than those who got their fortune thanks to their rich daddy. Your success – this is what will definitely turn her on.

Choose the right place.
Women say that a great number of men tend to take them out to a spot they visit on a daily or weekly basis. Don’t make this mistake. First of all, women know that the only reasonable explanation you take them out to a bar, where all the staff and even some visitors call you by your name, is that you want to show that you are known. Trust me, this is not the best thing to do on a first date. The thing is in most cases men, who are popular in their city, attract women who are likely to lie about their feelings. All they are attracted to is your job, your money, your friends, etc. You are free to take your girl out to a place you hangout frequently but on your fist date. Make sure the place is comfortable for both of you!

Control a joker inside you.
Yeah, I know that there is nothing bad in having a good sense of humor. I also know that you know you should not use rude jokes during your date unless you know that they will be 100% appropriate. However have you ever thought about making a girl a target of your jokes? For instance, my colleague cannot stand but say something sarcastic or ironic to his friends, girlfriend, relatives… And this is totally fine, because these people know him well. They don’t consider his jokes as something embarrassing or mean. Now, imagine how a girl may feel on a first date with you if you are being sarcastic with her all the time. Try to control a joker inside you on your first date.

Questions VS Answers
The key thing for a first date is not to be silent and ask questions. However, it is even more important to listen to the answers for your questions and not interrupt the answers with your next questions. Some men ask a series of questions only because they want to look smart and cool as Cal Lightman in Lie to Me TV series. Don’t even try to be a deception expert on a first date. Your attempts to read your girl’s facial expressions won’t make her attracted to you. But the ability to listen and communicate will. So wait until she is done with her answer, before asking another question. Show that you care about her opinion.

Be a gentleman but do not overact.
The vast majority of women want a man to suggest a place to go on a first date. They want men to control the situation. It simply makes women feel comfortable. Besides, the fact that you live in the 21 century does not mean that do should not hold the door for her, while entering a restaurant, for example. Being a gentleman is still considered as a great benefit for a man. However, make sure that you don’t press too much. Let your girl suggest something. She may have some wonderful ideas. If you are having a dinner in a restaurant and want to make an order for her, keep in mind that there are chances your girl can read. Let her go through the menu and pick what she wants.

Mind your manners.
I can only imagine how difficult it is for men to give up a habit. However, there are some habits you will have to give up if you don’t want a girl to ghost right after the first date. Not to mention that you should be respectful, sincere, and tolerant, in general. So, going back to the bad habits… Don’t eat too fast and, for God sake, don’t talk with the full mouth of food. Don’t interrupt your partner and be polite to the staff in a restaurant (or wherever you are). In other words, don’t do the disgusting things. And PLEASE do not clean your ears with your keys, especially on a first date.

Leave your resume for your boss.
Don’t act as if your life goals and achievements are much more important than hers. This is not the best way to make a good first impression on a girl. If she is interested in your work and dreams or some of your achievements, make sure tell the part, she is interested in, – not the whole life story. Don’t make the whole restaurant be silent while you are telling about your work and the success you’ve made. And for God sake, don’t refer to yourself in the third person – it will get you nowhere! Mind her feelings. Think what kind of relationship you want this date to lead to.


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