Any relationship can be complicated at times, but having a long-distance relationship is an entirely different situation. Many people assume that long distance relationships are doomed from the beginning and that they never work out. While your friends and family may be against the idea and they may not take your long-distance relationship seriously, with some dedication there is no reason why your relationship can’t go the distance. Being far away from the one you love does make things complicated and you may often find yourself feeling lonely and wondering ‘What is the point in being together?’. But if you truly want to be with your other half, then there are ways that you can make it work.

While there is no mistaking that long-distance relationships are hard, you may even find some surprises along the way. For example, when you spend so much time apart, you find new ways to communicate and be intimate with each other, and when you do finally get to see each other, the time you spend together is even more special. If you are in a long-distance relationship or are considering how plausible one could be for you, then here are some tips and advice on how you can make a long-distance relationship work.

Set Some Ground Rules

Firstly, it is advisable that you and your partner set some ground rules so that you can both understand and manage your expectations of each other. By doing this you both know where you stand, and you have set the clear boundaries that define your relationship. For example, discuss if the two of you are exclusive and whether it is acceptable for either of you to date other people while you are apart. It is important that you are both honest about your level of commitment so that you both know where you stand. Failure to do this may lead to some nasty surprises and subsequent heartbreak further down the line.

Don’t Over Communicate

Sometimes when you are miles apart and you are worried about the damage that distance might make to your relationship, you can find yourself overcompensating by trying to talk to your partner too much. This may sound like a strange concept, but it is important to know that you can’t possibly talk to your partner every minute of the day or be aware of their every movement. You should avoid being possessive and too full on and remember that constant communication isn’t what is going to make your long-distance relationship survive, trust is.

While it may feel great at first, after a while of over communicating you may start to feel fed up with each other and feel like you need your own space. So, remember that less is more, and you don’t need to spam his phone in order to let him know that you love him and that you want your relationship to work.

Talk Dirty

Every relationship needs some level of intimacy, and while we will talk about the different ways that you can be intimate in your long-distance relationship a bit later, it is important that you have some sexual tension between you. Every relationship needs sexual chemistry to survive and that sexual desire that you feel for each other is often what holds you together in difficult times. We all need sex, both physically and emotionally, so be sure to maintain the sexual side of your relationship by sending a few naughty texts to your boyfriend throughout the day. Provide him with sexual descriptions of what you are wearing and sexual innuendos via text to keep him thinking about you throughout the day.

Avoid Risky Situations

It is important that you are both considerate to each other and the fact that there is a considerable distance between you. This means that if you have plans to go out one night drinking with your friends, then you should let your partner know, even if you think they won’t like it. It is important that you reassure them that you are dedicated to your relationship, and that just because you are going out at night to a bar or club, doesn’t mean they should be worried about anything.

While it is important that you still socialize with your friends and have fun, you should consider how it feels to your partner who is miles away from you and worried about someone nearer to home showing an interest in you. You shouldn’t lie about your movements even if you think that you are protecting your partner’s feelings because the consequences if they ever found out could be fatal to your relationship. Lying will only cause suspicion and upset, so always make sure that you are honest, even if you think your partner may not like to hear the truth.

Do Things Together

Even though you are far apart from each other, there are still many different activities that you can do together as a couple. If you have a favorite video game, then you could play online together or watch a documentary at the same time and talk about it via text as you are watching. You can enjoy some of the same things even though you are miles apart. With modern technology advancements, such as the development of video calling program Skype, you can still see each other every day if you want to, where you can talk about your day. While the things you do together won’t be traditional or conventional activities, by being spontaneous and creative you can make your relationship work.

Schedule Regular Visits

When you are in a long-distance relationship you can get used to not seeing each other face to face, which can make you lazy when it comes to scheduling regular visits to each other. It is important that your relationship still has something to look forward to, and even if you can’t schedule a visit for the next 12 months, just having that visit arranged gives you both something to focus on.

Maintain Your Intimacy

Even though your physical intimacy is restricted when you are in a long-distance relationship, there are still many other ways that you can maintain your intimacy. As we mentioned earlier, you can send dirty texts to keep your man on his toes throughout the long days without you, but when it comes to the evenings when you are both alone you can explore each other via phone or video chat.

By using female sex toys on yourself, such as one of these, while you are on the phone with your partner you can enjoy the intimate experience with him. It will likely turn both him and you on knowing that he can hear you pleasuring yourself. While it may feel like a bit of a different experience at first, you will soon get into the swing of things. Many long-distance relationships maintain the intimacy of their relationship through these sorts of methods.

Enjoy Your Time Apart

It is important to remember that just because you are in a long-distance relationship, it doesn’t mean that you should be moping around and feeling sorry for yourself every day. The time you do spend apart is the perfect opportunity for you to focus on yourself and your own projects, which is a luxury that some non-distance relationship couples don’t get.

It is important that you remain positive when it comes to your long-distance relationship as if you are negative about the outcome right from the beginning then it is unlikely to work out for you. While a long-distance relationship comes with its own set of challenges and difficulties, you should remember that no relationship is straightforward and making it work with someone you love often requires sacrifice and perseverance. If you are serious about your partner, then by following these tips and advice there is no reason that your long-distance relationship can’t survive.


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