To make an ex want you back is an interesting strategy that people have considered employing for many years. It’s a very attractive idea, because it makes it seem as if you can retain your dignity while winning back your lost love. It’s like a way to truly come out on top – instead of groveling, you can sit back and have the one that broke your heart beg you to take them back.

There are several problems with any methods that make this claim. The first one is the fact that if you’re trying to make your ex want you back, you’re missing the whole point. There was likely something about the relationship that wasn’t right. If you were to find that and fix it, you would be going down the road to a very long term relationship. On the other hand, trying to get your ex to crawl back to you would involve techniques that would temporarily make them jealous. As soon as they get you back, though, and are no longer jealous, they will wonder why they came back in the first place.

Then they’ll leave again.

Do you see what happens here? You go through all these steps to save face and try not to look like you want them back, when in actuality you’re setting yourself up for it to happen again. And then you’ll be even more embarrassed. So the answer is to be honest, thoughtful, and smart. You want to win your ex back, not trick them into it.

Hopefully all of this is starting to sink in. Part of being in a successful relationship is learning to read people by their body language. It’s also understanding that manipulating people is never a good thing, as the results are short term and temporary.

In other words, the only reason to try to make yourself so appealing in some way that your ex will want to come crawling back to you would be for instant gratification. You could either do it so you would have one last chance to deny them, or maybe because you were interested in them for a short term relationship to begin with.

However, if you’re here, looking for information on how to bring back that person that broke your hear, then you obviously care deeply about them. You want answers, and if you keep an open mind and heart you will find them. And you can make your relationship work out. You can fix it and make things the way they were. You have to be persistent and careful.

How A Rebound Relationship Can Be Good

You want to know how a rebound relationship can be good? It’s actually pretty simple. The very fact that your ex boyfriend or girlfriend or husband or wife is in a rebound relationship proves that they still care about you and that there is still time to save your relationship. If they were totally over you, they wouldn’t need to jump at the first person they come across.

Don’t listen to what they or anyone else says. Any relationship that happens right after a serious one is a rebound, no matter how serious they say they are. The fact is, you can’t stop caring about someone that abruptly. It’s not that easy. They’re clearly trying to distract themselves from their feelings for you, which means that you have time. You still have times to fix things, though you might want to get on it.

Now is the time to make some minor changes to your appearance. You don’t want to do anything too crazy or you’ll scare your ex off. They’ll feel like they don’t know you anymore. However, if you make some very subtle and minor changes they’ll only see the improvement. I’m talking about simple things – if you’re a guy, shave or trim your facial hair, get a haircut, start dressing nicely, and clean your car and home (or apartment). If you’re a girl, the same thing applies. Wear some nice makeup. Accentuate the most attractive parts of your body. Brush up on things that men like (sports, action movies, cars, etc).

This is your chance to show your ex that you are ok with what happened and that it’s not going to stop you from being an amazing person. They’ll quickly tire of their rebound and see how great you’re doing.

Now, don’t think that this will get them back. It’s not that easy.

This is just the start, but it will get you off on the right foot. And it will help you get through having to worry about seeing your ex and their new rebound.


Anna Perkins is a relationship writer who offers her own forthright opinion over the worlds of dating, romance, relationships , marriage and friendships. She loves cats, traveling, spending time with her son and husband.


  1. Ryan Lehnertz Reply

    My ex and i dated for nine months and is with a dude now and there taking vacations and shit and its only been three weeks. She blocked me on fb i told her if her and her daughter need anything to let me know sje says likewise. I told her i wana show her the man i should be for her and her daughter and showed are wedding finger tats to her. Well now i have a career and am getting my own house and am basically moving up. Her family freinds see it. And this new guy lives an hour away from her and she comutes for the d. I havent contacted her since the last things i said which its been a week. What should i do next should i contavt her in a month or just not text her and see what happen. My fb shows I’m doing good and stuff. I guess she talked shit on fb saying on to the next. And blocked my family and freinds off fb. Do you have any advice i could small family back?

  2. hi ryan i know what its like i was going out with this guy for 10 month we did every thing together and all of a sudden he didnt want to know me its been 7 months now he is seeing someone else and it still hurts me he has pick a younger woman and he does’nt even look at me when i see him in the street and i dont know what i have done to him to treat me like this so dont think your alone cause your not.

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