Talking of dating, it is something as special as actually finding an exceptional lover to be in relationship with. Some people think that finding a suitable and compatible date is almost equal to finding a needle in a heap of hay. Finding a date at last is a great feeling which often feels like a mountain flowing with chocolate or something as smooth and shinning as honey.

In the same way when you go for an actual date, one on which you tend to enjoy each and every moment , you often forget the main reason, the point for which you had come for this date. The basic purpose that influences any date is the idea of getting to know each other in a more sound and intimate kind of a way. In fact dating also helps you know if the other person is at all compatible with you and would it be possible for the both of you to think of dating each other seriously. Dating is often the entry gate to a relationship. But that seems to be an idea which nowadays remains stuck within the boundaries of an idealistic thinking only.

These days it has become a rather common trend that youngsters tend to go on a date or choose on dating just for the sheer fun of it. All they are concerned about is the good looks, beauty, enjoyment and the admiration of the person that they get to enjoy while dating. Gone are the days when people took dating seriously, tried to look for the various characteristics and features in their date that they thought would be necessary for making the other person compatible. The mistake that the modern day daters make is they start giving importance to the girl they are dating because she is so beautiful or that the boy they are out with is a hunk.

These are petty surface matters and can never be the indexes or parameters which can lead to long term dating or a successful love dating relationship. On the contrary, people should fall for a relationship where they feel a different urge to be together that is beyond the surface issues and the outer looks. That way dating gets the actual importance a true love dating deserves. But unfortunately this is the age when flirt dating tends to get a lot more importance than love dating.

The cons of Flirt Dating

A flirt dating primarily and essentially roots itself on the foundation of superficial beauty. Such a relationship stands basing on the surface and that is what people tend to find happiness out of without seeking the true inherent beauty. It is obviously correct that everyone wants to date a good-looking person; we all love to have such a dating partner who is drooled over by all. However, what we also need to keep in mind at the same time is that looks and physic are things that do not tend to help much in the long run.

A dating relationship can only become a love dating relationship when you base the foundations of it on each other’s characteristics as human beings and not on the basis of how both of you look. Looks and beauty are just a few extra-added factors that helps make a particular person stand out among the rest, but it cannot be the only basis on which you choose your date.

One thing that relationship experts say all the time, any love dating that deems to be a long term relationship has to be based on the attitude of the both the partners and their individual characteristics. These are factors that help you decide who actually will be the most suitable date for you and who will actually end up in a love dating relationship that is worth it.

What to Look For in a Real Date for a Successful Healthy Relationship

One of the first things you need to look for when considering someone for dating is a healthy sense of humor. Dating is always an anxious event. In such circumstances if you are with a humorous person, it becomes easier for you to deal with the tension of the situation. Moreover, a humorous person will always make the date a lot more fun-filled and enjoyable, one that you will remember.

Next, look into your date’s eyes and try to judge them. Remember the eyes are the windows to a person’s inner soul. Hence consider eye contact. This way you can manage to gain a more sound and solid idea of your date tracing the emotions he conveys via the eyes. You can also try to see thehonesty, truth and level of understanding in your date’s character by gazing at his/her eyes.

Always consider a person who understands than one who is judging. Tackling with continuous judgments on a date can really get on your nerves making you feel irritated in not much time. Only consider a love dating relationship with a person who is capable of understating and accepting the mistakes of his/her partner. This is something that you can realize by carefully considering some very simple issues, including, what to do on the date, where to go for the meal, or how to have the conversation and take on stances of the other person.


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