Do you think women judge whether you are attractive or not on the basis of things you say or the way you talk? Well experts on relationships say appearing attractive or not depend on what you say but on your body language. Researches have revealed that as much as 90% of the communication in a relationship are portrayed through the various non-verbal cues or non-verbal gestures. So while on a date if you are unable to portray the accurate and appropriate kind of body language, then even the best stories and the most posh restaurants won’t really be able to help you during dating.

So the simple solution to successful dating leading to long-term relationships is the right body language accompanied with the right non-verbal gestures. In case you want to portray your high status you will have to be well versed in the secrets of presenting a very positive body language using non-verbal gestures. With such improved body language and subtle communication skills you will not just be dating but your dates will also find you to be a rather dominant and confident guy with a very strong personality.

Here are a few tips that can help you present the most positive body language using efficient non-verbal gestures in front of women when dating.

First and foremost you need to do away with the weak body language that you have right now. One of the first steps to take to improve upon the body language is to eliminate all those traits and communication skills which in general can be perceived as weak body language by women while dating. Women are very good at instantly detecting all those men who are not confident enough or don’t have strong communication skills.  So for speedy improvement of your over all body language try to be sensitive to the various non-verbal gestures that you display in front of your date. Some of the common body language traits and weak communication skills that you need to discard is,

  • Do not put your hands inside the pockets.
  • Do not talk to her with folded arms.
  • Stop fidgeting with tidbits as it shows you are nervous.
  • Be comfortable and sit relaxed taking up ample space.
  • Do not look uncomfortable amidst social situations.
  • Do not keep running about here and there.
  • Do not slump your shoulder or head down.
  • Keep up in pace with her and do not walk very fast.
  • Never lean against her just during an initial conversation.

Eliminating these few non-verbal gestures from your body language will help bring about instrumental changes in your personality giving you confidence while dating.

The next thing you need to do for a proper body language is start working on your particular stance. The specific way in which a man stands can have significant impact in the way the girl perceives you while on a date. When you are standing do not forget to keep your head high and chin up. If near a bar hold the drink with one hand and place the other hand at your side. Do not lean and keep your back straight. This is a secret yet strong way of showing your confidence through body language when dating.

Another rocking non-verbal gesture that helps you posit a strong body language and establish your charm is to face away from women. Men can actually tell women a lot of things using their sharp communication skills even without opening their mouth. If you like a woman at a party, avoid making the clichéd mistake of walking up to a woman, occupy her private space and throw obvious intentions that you want to pick on her. When talking to a woman for the first time, don’t ever make the mistake of letting her know of your intentions by any chance. Let her be at ease in her own space and also try not to face her directly.

When being faced directly often women may feel a little uncomfortable. So the best thing to do is approach her but on the side. Try to be at an angle that will help ease her tension and stop making her nervous. And such a body language will also evidently show that you are not really pinned upon the emotional outcome of the conversation which is one of the most suitable non-verbal gestures.

This is a very strong non-verbal gesture that helps create not just a strong body language but at times makes the woman you are eyeing quite anxious and attracted towards you. On the concluding note it can be said that it is body language that helps provide a suitable first impression creating one’s status in the eyes of a woman. So if you have the exact idea of how to use your communication skills, your body language and some non-verbal gestures, you will be able to create the most attractive aura about yourself while dating with the least of efforts.


Anna Perkins is a relationship writer who offers her own forthright opinion over the worlds of dating, romance, relationships , marriage and friendships. She loves cats, traveling, spending time with her son and husband.

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