If you’ve been considering writing your boyfriend or husband a love letter, then now is the perfect time to get started. Writing love letters for him is the perfect means of celebrating your relationship and letting your man know exactly how you feel. After all life is short and we should do what we can to make every day count, leaving no room for regrets.

Understandably, you may want to write a love letter but don’t know how to go about it. Afraid to come on too strong, sound corny or perhaps even lack enough passion forces you into putting the letter on your “to do” list for another day. There is no need to put off your love letter any further, however, for the following step by step instructions should give you all the confidence you need to create a beautiful message for your lover.

How To Start Your Love Letter

This is always the most difficult part of a love letter – the first paragraph or introduction. If you keep in mind that the purpose of your letter is to share open, honest feelings, then you must remember to be yourself. Though he might know the letter is from you before ever reading a word, let him feel it is the “familiar you” talking in your voice right from the very beginning. He has loved you every day because of who you are, so don’t start using vocabulary or phrases you would never say when speaking to him directly.

So to begin it is important to present an introduction and explain why you are writing to him. Perhaps you’re inspired to tell him how much you love him “just because.” Maybe he recently helped you through a difficult time in your life. Perhaps you are writing a letter in honor of Father’s Day, to tell him what a wonderful dad and husband he is. So take the time to think about what has inspired you to write him this letter and, in your natural voice, explain it to him with your opening words.

What To Include

Nothing makes more of an impact in a love letter than details and examples. After your introduction is in place, the body of your love letter should be full of intimate, detailed examples that support your introductory message. In a “just because” love letter, list all of the things he does that make you love him so much, like when he went out at 2am to get you cough syrup when you were suffering with a bad cold or how he makes you laugh when you least expect it. You can categorize his qualities such as his generous spirit, his empathetic nature and his sense of humor and then share real life examples about how each one affects you.

If you are writing a love letter prompted by a specific recent incident, you can focus the body of the letter on all of the ways he helped you through your difficult time or all of the reasons he is such a great father, by way of example. Tell him how you were feeling at the time and why his support or actions meant so much. Let him know about the internalized feelings and emotions you felt and weren’t able to express at the time. This level of honesty is a great way to demonstrate to him that you appreciated his deeds and that you love him on so many levels.

What Not To Include

At the same time, there are things you should not do when writing love letters for him. Don’t generalize by making sweeping statements such as “you’re kind” without substantiating why you believe him to be so. Instead tell him what he does each day that makes you feel this way about him.

You can of course say something like “you are the most handsome man in the world” although it should be followed by “but your attractiveness on the outside cannot hold a candle to your inner beauty.” Deep, lasting love needs much more than physical attraction to work, so focus your letter on his deeper qualities. In addition, avoid talking about yourself and keep the focus on him. If he rubbed your feet after a long day, that is the message to share in your letter – not the details of why your day was so bad at the office.

How To End Your Love Letter

The concluding paragraph needn’t be more than a thank you for being the wonderful man he is, for all of the reasons you just mentioned in your letter’s introduction and body. It will flow easily and naturally after you’ve spent so much time reflecting about and rejoicing the wonderful man you are sharing your life with. When all is said and done, you will know you’ve created the perfect love letter when it has not only touched his life, it has touched yours as well – reminding you of how fortunate you are to have so much love in your life.

Share Your Letter

If you have a love letter you would like to share on LoveIsNotAbuse.com then please fill in the following form and we will post it up for our readers. Remember we always display the letters anonymously so no one need know you wrote the letter.

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