Whether it is the first time or not, having a crush on someone always gives special sensations. Our heart beats faster when we see her, and pounds harder when she smiles. Even the smallest things that usually passed over become very wonderful if they’re related to her.

Being in love can be very wonderful… or painful. If she too shares the same feeling of love with us, it will be heaven on earth. But if not, or if we still can not be sure about her demeanor towards us, then life can be miserable.

Yeah, that’s what love can do to everyone of us. Nobody is immune to that power of love. But, how can we know if she too is having a crush on us or not? Are there ways to read her mind?

Fortunately, yes! Indirectly, though, via her behavior/actions and body language, and other non-verbal forms of communication such as tone voice, intonation, etc..

The first thing you must keep in your mind when dealing with girls/women is: they send their messages mainly through their body language and those other non-verbal cues. Spoken words usually carry only small portion of the meaning, especially if the conversation is related to her feelings.

Body Language

Girls and women are more complicated than boys/men. Many times it is hard for a guy to acknowledge if the gal he’s having a crush on also shares the same feeling or not. Let alone for a guy, it often takes time for a girl too fully realize that herself is romantically attracted to certain guy.

Weird, huh? Yeah. But we’d better accept it. No use to think too deeply or to philosophize about it. Just accept it as one of many interesting differences between men and women. However, we’ll still be able to know if she is attracted to us or not via her body language.

To make sure if she is having a crush on you or not, check out and compare her body language with what listed below:

  • Have you ever found her sneak a glance at you?
  • In handshaking, how long she maintains the grasp? And how is her smile? If she is the last to release the grip and she smiles, not only with her lips but also with her eyes, then she is interested in you.
  • When you two locked eyes, how was her smile? Did she smile shyly? If yes, then she might be attracted to you. But if she only smiled kindly but casually, then she may look upon you only as a friend.
  • How is your eye contact with her? When a girl subtlety looking at you and then dropping her head or eye lid, it means she’s shy but she finds something attractive in you. Increased length and frequency of eye contacts usually indicate positive interest.
  • When she is talking to you, does she subconsciously fondles her hair or lick/bite slightly her lips? If yes, then it’s an indication that she finds yourself attractive. But it doesn’t necessary mean that she is having a crush on you, by the way.
  • When talking to you, sitting or standing, does her body directed to you? Does she look at you? If yes then it means she enjoys having a conversation with you and deems you as an interesting guy. But if not then it means she’s bored and wants to leave as soon as the situation allows.
  • When you’re talking, does she focus on you? Or does she casually looking you over? If she finds you attractive, she will try to focus and listen to what you have to say, even without blinking!
  • Does she touch you briefly in conversation? If yes, then she subconsciously thinks of you as a potential guy for further relationship.
  • To females, touch is very personal. Some of them will allow you to touch her briefly, non-sexually, if they find you attractive.
  • Does she laugh to your jokes? Well, you can be sure that a girl is having a crush on you if she laughs at all your jokes, even if it’s not funny. No, not the jokes that make her laugh, but the fun feeling being with you.
  • A shy girl might cross her arms in front of her when talking to you. Although usually this indicates defensiveness, don’t be too fast concluding it that way. It may be just because of her nervousness. Observe her face instead. If there is no negative facial expression there, then ignore it.
  • If you can, look into her eyes and check if her pupils dilated when she is talking to you. Studies shows that our pupils dilated when we are attracted to someone.
  • Another sure sign that shows her attractiveness to you: see if her upper chest (right below her neck) blushes or not when she meets and talks with you. If yes then, it’s positive that she is really having a crush on you.


If she is having a crush on you, you might be able to know it from certain actions/behavior that she does. Maybe they are very subtle. It is almost impossible to ascertain it from her actions unless she moves aggressively towards you. But at least you can use them for indications. Check them below and see if you can find it in her.

  • Her behavior changes when you’re around, either more cheerful or more quiet.

    But if she becomes more quiet when you are near, it could also mean that she doesn’t like your presence and feels a little annoyed with it. So, check out her face for for negative expression. If there isn’t any, then there is a slight chance that she is also having a crush on you.

  • When she is with her friends while you enter the room, observe subtly how they react seeing your presence. If they subtlety look at you, giggling and whispering something among them, she might have told them something about you.If their expression is cheerful and positive, then you’re safe. But if not, maybe you should try to befriend with them, her friends, in order to be on good term with them.

    But remember, it could be their topic was not you! So, don’t draw any conclusion yet.


Anna Perkins is a relationship writer who offers her own forthright opinion over the worlds of dating, romance, relationships , marriage and friendships. She loves cats, traveling, spending time with her son and husband.


  1. something funny happens when you two are around a group of people you dont know and you look at each other and smile, is this just being friendly or does it mean something

  2. As a woman, I can agree that these are some very tell-tale signs of female attraction to men. I can’t speak for everyone, but generally speaking I agree with this and think others would, too. Awesome post!

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