Most people can’t really tell when someone thinks they are attractive, which negatively impacts their ability to find that special someone. There are actually quite a few different signs that a person attracted to your physically. When you are able to recognize these signs, you will have a much easier time improving your romantic life. This information will help you to find the person you were meant to be with. Those who walk around completely clueless have a very difficult time with this to say the least.

Lots of People Assume You Get Complimented Often

One of the telltale signs that people think you are attractive is that they just assume you regularly receive compliments. This assumption is a strong sign that you are actually quite a good looking person. The reason you might not actually receive compliments a lot is because people don’t want to feel like they are bothering you. Their logic is something like, “they probably hear it all the time, so I just won’t bother.”

You Aren’t Ever Single for Very Long

Another major sign of attractiveness is not being single for long stretches of time. This just means that you don’t have a problem finding people who are attracted to you physically. Truly attractive people are seldom single, and it is because everyone is vying to get with them. Just take a moment to consider what your record is for amount of time being unattached. You will quickly realize that you have more to offer than you might have previously thought.

People Give You Positive Attention on a Regular Basis

Those who are blessed with good looks tend to receive positive attention nearly everywhere they go. When you start to really pay attention, you will notice that a lot of people probably smile at you or even strike up conversations. This is because we as a society tend to be more friendly to people we deem attractive. While this might not be altogether fair, it is nevertheless the case. You probably get treated well in general, regardless of the situation you are in.

You Catch People Turning Their Heads in Your Direction

If you regularly notice other people’s heads swivel in your direction to get a look, it’s probably because they like what they see. It is perfectly natural to want to catch a lingering glance at someone we find attractive. This is perhaps one of the more obvious signs that you have good looks on your side. Some people are more discrete than others about checking people out, but it is often pretty clear. The more you pay attention, the more obvious this will become.

You Have A lot of Admirers

Good physical looks typically come with a sense of self-confidence that lots of people admire. Have you ever had someone in your life say how much they admire the way you carry yourself on a regular basis? If so, it could very well be due to just how good looking you are on the inside and out.

You’ve Got lots of Friends

Attractive people tend to have quite a few friends as well. If your social circle is pretty full, this could very well be the case. Looks alone don’t fully account for having a lot of friends, but it is one factor to consider. This doesn’t mean that all of your friends want to sleep with you, but people tend to like being around those who are attractive. Those who are good looking usually make new friends pretty easily as well. While this is not always the case, it is fairly common.

You Make the Opposite Sex Act Nervously

If you find that you tend to elicit a nervous type of behavior from the opposite sex, it could be due to your startling good looks. The fact is that people usually act pretty silly around those they are physically attracted to. This is incredibly common, so it is one of the more important signs to pay attention to. If you ever notice the opposite sex being fidgety or stumbling over their words, it is probably because they find you so enticing to look at.

You Get Flirted with a lot When You go out

When you go out on the town to a bar or club, you probably get hit on quite bit. This is something that just naturally tends to happen to people who are good looking. You most likely don’t have any problems with getting numbers from other people in these situations. It is also likely that you get approached by people who want to get to know you better.

People Are Surprised That You Have Physical Insecurities

If you confess to someone that you are insecure about their appearance, they might react with genuine surprise. This is because they find you so attractive and just assume that you aren’t insecure about your looks at all.

A Month of No Sex is a lot for You

A month without any sex isn’t a lot for most people, but those who are very attractive see it differently. You probably don’t ever go this long without having sex because you never have any problems finding people to do it with. If this seems like a really long time to go without getting some action, you are probably better looking than you think.


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