So, you are having a crush with this guy. You often meets him, either in class, library, bus station etc, but you hardly know if he also likes you. And you want to find out about it.

Well, if he is a shy guy, he might not give clear signs. But don’t worry, there are always ways to tell. The next time you meet him, try not to be too jittery. Try to subtly observe him, find these signals. But remember, don’t stare at him. You might scare him instead. smile emo

Body Language

Have you ever heard about body language? Sure you have! Body language is like the secondary channel of communication, that if interpreted correctly, can give us clues as to what lies behind the spoken words.

You know, people might say something but mean the other. But because body language normally done unconsciously, we can still surmise what they really mean behind their literal words.

So, if a guy has a crush on you, what body language that will he shows near you? Actually, it is not very different with yours when you are attracted to someone. Yes, our body can give away our feelings in many ways.

But read on anyway and take a note, compare it to what you see on the guy that you suspect is having a crush on you. The more of the signs, the better the chances that he is also having a crush on you:

  • He moves his fingers a lot as if to trim up his hair/shirts. This shows that he wants to look good before you.
  • He often gazes at you. And if he is a shy guy, he will turn away if you look at him. But expect an outgoing person to lock his eyes on you.
  • Direct eye contact shows his interest in you.
  • Is his body angled towards you, whether he’s sitting or standing? When he is talking to you? If so, then he might have a crush on you.
  • Usually people want to be close to the one they’re attracted to. How about him? Does he try to get closer to you? Touching briefly your arms when talking to you, for instance?
  • Crossing arms usually interpreted as defensiveness. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Maybe he’s just too nervous being close to you. To make sure, look at his face. If he doesn’t show negative facial expression such as frowning or squinted eyes, then it’s okay.
  • Shy guy might give you little smile from across the room. But when you get near to him, he won’t look up.
  • He mirrors your gestures. If you cross your legs, he too crosses his legs. It’s a subtle way to tell if he’s having a crush on you or not.
  • Unintentionally he might lick or bite his lips if he is attracted to you.
  • Being around the one we like is ingratiating. So, find out if he smiles much more if you are around.
  • If you find out that he blushes when you talk to him, then you can’t be wrong: that cute boy likes you very much. Pack him up and bring him home!


In addition to body language, you too can know whether he is having a crush in you via his behavior and actions. If he does or behaves like one or more of the actions below, then you can be sure that he is interested in you:

  • He asks about you to your friend. But he may say that it’s one of his friends who wants to know you.
  • He might talk more with your friends in an effort to be on good terms with them, or to know your availability.
  • It seems that you accidentally bump into him a lot at many different places.
  • You find him in the same classes you take or in the same discussion group, even though you two never exchanged a single word before.
  • His behavior changes when you show up. He may stutter, talking more quietly or more loudly. He may tell jokes or something and sometimes look at you to see your reactions, wondering whether you too are having a crush on him or not.
  • He might compliment you a lot to get your sympathy.
  • He shows great interest when talking to you. He will try to prolong the conversation even when you both are already running out of topics.
  • He teases you in friendly way, verbally or physically. But some guys can be mean in their teasing even though they are secretly having a crush on you. Be cautious though because it could be just a pure ridicule.
  • He asks you to hang out, alone with him or together with your/his friends.

Remember though, that everyone has unique way to show his feelings and affection. All these are just some general ways.


Anna Perkins is a relationship writer who offers her own forthright opinion over the worlds of dating, romance, relationships , marriage and friendships. She loves cats, traveling, spending time with her son and husband.

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