How to talk dirty to a guy? Where should I start? What vocal tone should I use? How exactly should it sound coming from me? These are all questions that have been floating around in the minds of many women. The truth of the matter is, learning how to talk dirty to a guy is very simple, and it doesn’t take years and years of practice or experience to do it correctly. And just to clear up a big misconception, there is NO “perfect thing to say”. There is no magic sentence or line; it all works together and must flow naturally.

The very first thing you must know is that you don’t have to feel self-conscious or nervous when starting out. Trust me; your man will love it no matter how bad you might be when starting out. The key, whether you are a beginner or someone who has thrown around a couple of sizzling lines, is that you need to deliver a dirty sex talk with absolute confidence.

Let me turn you on to a secret: men are naturally fascinated by women. So from the very beginning, you start off with a huge advantage and already have our attention. Now, since you are already starting off at the top of the “attraction pole” let’s say around 100% of natural attraction points there are only two directions to move in from this point: up or down. It is impossible to remain at 100% over time, in the eyes of that “certain guy” you want to keep mesmerized the most. As time goes on, your attraction points will either increase from 100% or decrease with an uphill battle to ever return to 100% again. So how do you prevent your “grade of sexiness” from decreasing and possibly never return to the 100% that initially caught his eye? Strategically use words and seductive language that will keep both his interest and attention.

Lets start with interest. Every man is different and therefore, different things turn different men on… differently! What is his favorite female body part? Ask him! He would love to tell you trust me. Once you find out, you can use that information to your advantage. Let’s say he loves breasts. Well now you could say something like:

Tonight I want you grab my breast and rub them like it was the last time you were ever going to touch them (you will be surprised at how much more passionate he would touch…the girls).

  • I want you to suck them like a mad man until your mouth hurts.
  • I want to feel your hot tongue sliding up and down my nipples until they are hard enough to explode.
  • I want you to play with my breast until you simply can’t take it any more.

What you are doing here is using his interest to enhance your dirty talk. Because you are targeting his “interest”, and including breast for the sake of this example in your dirty talk, it turns him on extremely well. This works every time. Let’s try another example. Let’s say he’s a “legs man.” Then call him up during the day and say things like:

  • I called you because I was just sitting here thinking about you kissing on my legs tonight.
  • I would surely love to feel your hot lips kissing the inside of my thighs right now.
  • And Ohhh your hands would feel so good massaging up and down my legs while you are kissing them.
  • Tonight, I’m going to stand up, then bend over in front of you, and I want you to kiss the back of my legs right from my ankles to the bottom of my buttocks. I want you to slide your tongue up and down my legs until I beg you to stop.

That would get his attention and turn him on more than you could imagine. But remember, this is fundamentally effective because you are using his interest as the focus of your dirty talk. It’s not necessarily how you say it, it’s more about “what” you are saying and what “bait” you are using to draw him into your dirty talk.

How to talk dirty to a guyNow lets talk about enhancing his attention. By targeting his interests, you will have him turned on. The second tactic you want to use is “visual communication”. Dirty talk is more over only words. Why you should stop there when you can merge your body language to enhance what you say to him. Let’s use the “breast example” again.

Wear an attractive bra to bed sheer, lace, anything that’s partially see through clothing would work great here and then slowly rub your breast in front of him –while still in the bra– and ask him “can you give me a hand with this?” trust me; he would love to.

Take his hand and set them on your breast and start scrubbing his hands around your breast gradually. Ask him. “Do you like the way my breasts feel?”
Ask him to take off your bra and when he does, then grab his head and also force his mouth onto your nipples. Ask him, “Do you fancy the way my nipples taste daddy?”

What you are doing is using your body language to enhance the dirty things you said to him and most importantly, you are giving him a “visual” of what you said to him. This is very powerful and goes a long way to keeping you in his mind, long after the night is over. By leaving him with a visual of you rubbing your breast in that “sexy bra”, placing his hands on your breast and forcing him to fondle and lick them, he will forever have that memory permanently stuck in his mind. This does wonder for keeping his attention and keeping thoughts of you in his head at all times.

In the example of the “leg lover”, find a sexy pair of thigh-high stockings to wear to bed (hint: something about fishnet stockings always screams “dirty” to a man. Fishnets are a surefire way to turn him on use at your discretion). Try saying something like:

Do you like my slutty stockings?

I wore them because I wanted you to treat me like a bad girl tonight.
I want you to rip holes in them, while you are kissing my legs (that’ll get him going for sure).
I want you to grab my thighs. Squeeze my calves. Show me how bad you want me.


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