In life we encounter different people, some are a source of inspiration and motivate us to be the best of us, some others make us feel loved, and others are a source of misery and troubles. Getting attached to someone so much leads to obsessiveness. Obsession means a state of preoccupancy or getting connected to someone continually. However, before overcoming this obsessive behavior, it is important that you recognize the signs and symptoms just like the Doc does before recommending any medication to a patient.

The Signs That You Are Obsessed With Someone:

  • Texting and even calling them all day long.
  • Regularly checking your cellphone so that you can not miss a call or text from them.
  • Checking on their social media accounts regularly.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Not wanting to leave the house so that you will not miss a call from the person.

However, forgetting about someone like your ex or someone whom you loved ended up betraying you can be tough. So how do you overcome this obsessiveness and get the focus of your life?

So, How To Stop Thinking About Someone?

1. Forgive and Face the fact

Forgiving is a crucial part of understanding on how to stop thinking about someone that you loved or liked. It is also important for yourself because forgiving is a step to moving forward in your life. You will also forget the hurting experiences that the person brought into your life and therefore you will welcome a new happy life instead.

Facing the facts is also a crucial step that you should take if you want to stop thinking about someone entirely. You should face the fact that the person is no longer in your life and avoid living in a state of denial and by this way, you will accomplish important things in life. However, if you pretend or do not accept the person is no longer in your life you are never going to get better.

2. Focus on the future

One of the best technique to getting over someone that you have been obsessed with is focusing on what your future holds. Maybe you want to forget about your ex who broke your heart, or someone you loved so much but could not have him or her. You have to accept whatever that happened to you, and that person is over and they no longer in your life. Focus on the important things that will improve your life every day. You can achieve this by surrounding yourself with the people you love and knowing that the future holds good stuff for you.

3. Do not stay idle

Do you know that an idle mind is a devils workshop? In this case, your mind will be the workshop of that particular person you are obsessed. However, if you engage in demanding activities, you will have less time thinking of the person and eventually you will end up stopping thinking about that somebody.

4. Think of their negative characters

Don’t let someone you like or love but does not care about you at all get the best hold of your mind. Reflect on that person weakness or the particular traits that you did not like about him/her. Tell yourself that you do not want to associate with people of such characters, this way you will, in the long run, get over them.

5. Do some meditation

Meditation will help in calming your mind down and let you focus on the present rather than living in the past or thinking about what you could have achieved with the person. Meditating daily for 10-20 minutes will help you in transforming your life as well as your mind. Meditation will also make you feel better and save you from stressful thoughts.

6. Involve yourself in learning something new

Practice or learn something that you have never done before but always had the passion for it. For example, you can play a new sport like, tennis or football or join a dance with your friends. In this way, you will keep your mind occupied with fresh and happy thoughts and eventually wipe away all the memory traces of the person you are trying to forget completely.

7. Avoid romantic movies

If you are fighting to stop thinking about the love of your life who broke your heart, it is for your good to prevent romantic movies, shows, and even songs. They will only reawaken the locked emotions and eventually turn you to a sadist and end up hurting yourself more. Instead watch fun movies, show, comedy shows or even something better.

8. Go on a vacation and visit new places

A fabulous vacation to new places with your friends works the magic. You will be able to make more friends, blow your mind, and fill it up with memories of new places visited and all the fun you had.

9. Involve yourself in a rebound relationship

This technique that works perfectly and even recommended by relationship experts. Did you have a crush or were you dating this person? Was the person just a friend? The status you held with the person does not matter all that matters is finding a way to replace them in your life. By replacing them, you will be capable of refilling that emptiness you feel in your heart, and you will feel no pain at all.

10. Get rid of the old item and embrace change

It is hard to get over someone if you keep reminding yourself of the experiences that you had with the person. For example, if you want to forget about your ex-lover, it is important that you get rid of all the stuff that keeps on reminding you about that person. This stuff could be clothes, gifts or something that your lover acquired for you. You can donate these to charity, and get some new cool stuff that will freshen your look, and make you all a new person.


Getting over someone does not have to be difficult, it all requires strength, both mentally and physically and the integration of the above techniques.


Anna Perkins is a relationship writer who offers her own forthright opinion over the worlds of dating, romance, relationships , marriage and friendships. She loves cats, traveling, spending time with her son and husband.

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