This is the first and most important step, which should leave durable impressions on the girl with whom you want to become friends. Therefore you should present yourself at your best and in such a way, so that you could be able to intrigue her and to leave her with positive impressions. In order to present yourself at the proper level you should have in mind some basic rules. If you stick to them you should have much bigger chance for having a success.

Things To Note When Starting The Talk:

Select the moment: It is very important to select the right moment and the right place. Remember that this is of exclusive importance for the final success. Don’t try talking to beautiful girls at the street. Don’t try talking to them when they are among other girlfriends, too. The best moment to start talking to the girl you like is when she is alone and is bored. Then she would be ready to listen to everyone and would be happy to accept a funny and nice conversation to cheer herself up. Besides there would be no girlfriends around in front of whom she should have to behave and this would make her be more natural. It would be good if you succeed in using the services of a close friend of her, who would be able to introduce you in front of her. This would make her more open minded and she would not pretend being too important, when she gets to know that she has mutual friends with you.

Watch the situation: Select the appropriate situation for having your conversation. If it is not appropriate, go to another place, which should be better and more comfortable. Watch for her reactions and the way she reacts at the place you are. If she feels confused and is not easy, this means she shall not pay attention to the things you are talking to her. Take a look and follow continuously the surrounding situation and the events around you. Anything unusual could serve as a conversation subject and could cheer up and refresh the situation.

The body language: You should look as if you know what you want and how to achieve it. For this purpose you must use clear and distinctive verbal messages in the conversation and also it is very good if you support them with adequate gestures and facial expressions. All this mixed into one could result in an impressive presence. The behavior you are going to demonstrate in front of her is of extreme importance. You should be self-confident and very relaxed. Under no circumstances you should look as if you are self-confident and arrogant, since this is not liked by anyone. Don’t try being too formal and pretending as if you are of great importance. Since this should make the conversation only harder. Try behaving as if you are talking to some good friend, while you are having a conversation with her.

Leading the conversation: What to tell her? What should we talk about? How should I start the conversation? Speak everything you could think about, just be careful that it would not be too crazy or insulting. The curious facts are a very good start of the conversation, since once flattered, the woman’s curiosity could hardly be satisfied. Therefore don’t stop informing yourself about anything which happens around you. Watch television, read newspapers and books, listen to radio and be informed. That’s the way you would be aware of all of the most actual topics and events and that you would be able freely to comment them.

Keep training and practicing continuously: This is the key to success. Keep training with every passing moment. Don’t be worried to try with every single girl. Repeating the activity should help you think about the smallest details. As time goes by everything would become more easier and things would happen by themselves. Get better and learn from your mistakes. Don’t stop doing it and don’t refuse after being denied. There is no doubt that there should be such moments, too, but there will be also moments, which shall load you with so much satisfaction and desire, that it would be possible to become proud of it. It is important to know, that the good presentation depends on the following: your ability to communicate freely, to dress with taste and according to the situation, to use appropriate gestures and facial expressions, which should finish your charm and fascination.

Make compliments, too, but to a certain extent: Remember, that the compliment should be honest and appropriate. It must be said in the right moment and it must be truth. Don’t tell her that her hair is beautiful, when she has no hair dress. This only would insult her. Make her a compliment about something, which she wears: earrings, bracelets, clothes etc. Don’t make long and passionate compliments. Be short but insistent! When you make compliment remain serious and look her straight in the eyes. This would strengthen the good feeling in her originated by the skillfully made compliment.

Your look: Look her always in the eyes and watch for her reactions. On the eyes you could examine her behavior and react more correctly to her behavior. Don’t avoid her look and be calm and look at her with open eyes, but be careful not to be glassy and staring. Since this could make her afraid and worried. Try being naturally and behave with ease.

First words

In fact one should keep in mind and watch for many things, which are important for your conversation being successfully held. But as time goes by and with the more practice you get you should get used to them and it would be more easier to make good acquaintances which should open you the door to the possibility of getting closer and intimate with the girls you like.

Regardless of what we are talking about and discussing here, you must remember the following! YOU MUST START TALKING TO HER! It is not necessary to be original, some clichés could do the job, too. The important thing is to do it! You could lose nothing! You could only win. Even if she tells you to go away, you just wanted to get introduced to her and this is nothing bad. But if she answers you with a smile in return, this means that you have succeed in impressing her. And from here on the worries should be forgotten and you should feel more confident and relaxed, which should help you leading the conversation between you both in a far easier way.


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