Scrabble Marriage Proposal  TipsIf you and your sweetheart are avid Scrabble players, or even if you aren’t, a scrabble marriage proposal is the perfect way to surprise your lover when asking for her hand in marriage. It is sweet, simple and offers a lot of variety to suit unique personalities and styles.

There are many variations available when one uses Scrabble tiles or the game when proposing marriage. A few popular ideas are spelling out “will you marry me” at the start of the game or by using the ring to signify the letter “O” in the middle of the game.

Scrabble Marriage Proposal 101

1. Daniel’s Proposal

One of my regular readers Daniel volunteered his own method as he had another cute idea on how to pull off a scrabble proposal. He and Linda were admittedly addicted to playing Scrabble. It was one of their favorite things to do on a quiet evening indoors or even at a romantic picnic by the lake. Their Scrabble board went with them virtually everywhere.

Daniel knew that when it was time to propose, there would be no better way than to incorporate Scrabble into the plan somehow. But he also knew he wanted to wait until the very end of the game, so he could take a picture of the completed Scrabble board game as a memento (it is currently in a frame on their nightstand, a wonderful memory they remember every day when they wake up and before they go to bed).

2. Romantic Dinner by the Lake

So Daniel decided to plan a romantic dinner by the lake, as they often would do on Saturday evenings. He would also bring the Scrabble game along, which was a requirement for most occasions. They enjoyed a relaxing meal, talked for awhile and then decided it was game time. They sat on their blanket with the Scrabble game between them and began to play, as always, with Linda suspecting nothing.

If you want to spell out your proposal, but in a bigger way, why not take inspiration from these creative proposal?

To make it even more challenging and fun as he kept his secret inside, whenever Daniel could he would spell words that had a romantic or wedding theme. Not easy to do, for sure, but he didn’t worry about being competitive or point totals. He just let Linda think he was having an unlucky night while she tallied weak words like “ring” and “aisle” and “wife.” Again, he knew he would take a photo when it was over, so he thought that these words would make the image even more special.

Ensure you’re a good scrabble player so that your words come out well, like in this video:

3. When To Bring In The Ring?

As the game drew to a close, Daniel’s plan was to sneak the ring into the tile bag when it was his turn to draw tiles. He waited until there were only about ten tiles left, not wanting to cut it too close and risk having Linda emptying the bag before he had a chance to place the ring inside.

He had the engagement ring in his pocket and was able to easily insert it into the bag when he was ready. If Linda didn’t notice the ring on her next turn, he wasn’t worried. His plan would be to pretend on his next turn that there was one tile left, to encourage her to reach into the bag once more.

Daniel didn’t have to worry about a next turn, because Linda noticed an odd object in the bag right away. She cried, laughed and states to this day she could never imagine a better proposal. Daniel and Linda took the photo of the Scrabble board and then put it away in a memory chest to keep for all time, so nothing would happen to it in the future. They went and purchased a new Scrabble board soon after, of course!


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