Wedding is one of the most important days in any person’s life. It is only understandable that anyone who is about to get married, wants this day to be the most special and memorable. Usually ‘about-to-be-married’ people unintentionally divide themselves into two large groups – those who want stereotypical traditional wedding and those who are craving for creativity. Now if you think you can refer yourself to the second group, we prepared a list of ideas for you on how to make this day extra special and absolutely unforgettable. Let’s go!

1. Think of a theme
Whoever thinks that themed weddings are boring is definitely wrong! Of course, it depends greatly on what theme you choose for this day, but overall the idea is great. This way you can make your wedding truly unique. Get the guests involved as well, that will only make the whole experience better. The main key in all of this is to avoid turning the wedding into the party where everyone has to wear a costume. You have to think of something bigger than just color theme for your wedding, pay extra attention to small details, as that is what could make everything look more stylish. If you want to go even further – you could make a wedding website for yourselves and use it as a part of the invitation process for your guests. This is something quite unique, that is for sure!

2. Entertain your guests
We understand that the whole point of the wedding is to celebrate a special day for two particular people. But your guests are a part of this day as well and you surely do not want to make them feel left out. Find the ‘golden middle’ between throwing too many pointless contests that would only exhaust people and leaving them all to themselves. Maybe hire a band that all your friends love or throw a surprise for everyone by inviting a famous musician. Of course, that requires a strong financial support, but that will definitely make your wedding day memorable.

3. Do not rely too much on the script
Let your wedding day be a little bit more spontaneous. If you intend to follow strictly the script that you had for yourselves, there is a great chance that if something goes wrong, even slightly, you will feel like the whole thing is ruined. No one needs that much stress on their wedding day, right? So allow yourself to be a little bit more spontaneous, who knows, there is always a great chance that the wedding will only benefit from that.

4. Choose the right photographer
Photographer is the person who can either ruin or enhance your memories from the wedding day. Do not rely too much on others’ feedback, pay attention to the portfolio of the potential candidate. Do not hire someone just because he or she is famous or your friend was satisfied with this particular photographer. You know, what worked out for someone, might not work out for you the same way. So listen to your inner voice and when you find that photographer that makes you ‘click’ on the inside, be sure – he or she is ‘the one’. That is pretty much like choosing your spouse, isn’t it?

5. Make sure you understand all traditions
There are a bazillion of different traditions to be held on a wedding day. But do you really need to follow all of them? Most couples follow traditions without even understanding them, just because everyone else does. That is why before you decide to follow any of those, make sure you know the story behind this tradition. More importantly – whether you support this story.

6. Try to live up only to your own expectations
Often the young couple thinks more about their guests than about themselves and that is when the wedding becomes an exhausting event. Remember, that this is your day and you do not have to satisfy everyone around. People are coming to your celebration, not the other way around. That, of course, does not mean that you have to completely neglect your guests. You have to find a way to make them feel a part of your happiness.

7. Minimal does not equal cheap
We understand that not everyone has an unlimited budget, and that is ok. Minimalist weddings are also cool and can be a lot of fun. The only thing that is different for them though is that you have to think everything through so that the wedding looks minimalistic, not just plain cheap. If you are short on your budget, make sure you are not short on your creativity.

8. ‘Wet’ wedding/’dry’ wedding
There are some couples that for some reasons decide to not include alcohol on their wedding day. Well, that is not the smartest idea, we must say. Usually this prohibition only leads to guests secretly bringing booze to the party and everyone else being slightly irritated and disappointed. Unless you are completely against even a drop of alcohol, you can offer your guests very light sparkling alcohol drinks that barely can make anyone drunk. Otherwise, choose carefully your guests so the prohibition will not cause any arguments or offends.

9. Unique guest transportation
One way or another, your guests will have to get to the place where your wedding ceremony will be held at. So why not to assist them with that? Think of some creative way to do that, so that your friends and family will be intrigued from the very beginning. Maybe some retro cars, school bus, or hot air balloon ride? That would definitely make your wedding unforgettable.

10. Welcome bags
There is an old tradition when each guest when arriving at the wedding receives a small ‘welcome’ bag. Try to be creative, this is not about fancy presents, but rather about showing your friends and family how you appreciate them for coming and being with you on this special day. These bags can also be a part of the theme of your wedding – even more room for creativity!

Sure, wedding day takes a lot of effort to organize. You have to think of million things and orchestrate everything smoothly. But when the day comes, all your efforts will pay off. If you put enough dedication into the preparation process and make your wedding really memorable and unique, you will only make sure that your will remember it many years after, as well as your guests. So, we hope these tips will help you with your planning and your wedding day will be as stunning as you are hoping it to.


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