Pretty much every guy wants to be able to give the girls they are with in bed multiple squirting orgasms, but few actually know how to do it. If you really want to pleasure your woman, you must get this information right away. Doing this really isn’t as difficult or tricky as it may seem. You must learn how to do this because she will really thank you for it in a big way (hint: blowjob!). There are many different approaches you can take to do this, but some methods are more effective than others. The more of this information you get, the more effective you will be at giving her sexual pleasure on a level that she never even thought possible before.

What are multiple orgasms?

Before we get into the different techniques that you can use to give a girl multiple orgasms, it is essential to discuss what precisely a numerous orgasm is. An orgasm is defined as a sudden discharge of accumulated sexual excitement during the sexual response cycle. Simply put, an orgasm is your ultimate goal during sex.

Most guys have a problem with understanding precisely what a multiple orgasm is because they cannot experience it like women can. It is essentially when a woman has orgasm after orgasm is succession. This can really enhance the feeling of pleasure during sex, and it’s something that almost every woman is capable of experiencing. Multiple orgasms come about as the result of practice and technique as opposed to just dumb luck. This means that you will need to make sure that you’re doing everything right in order to give her multiple orgasms back to back.

Creating Massive Sexual Tension

If you want to give a girl multiple intense squirting orgasms, the very first thing that you will need to do is build up the sexual tension. You will want to start the sexual tension as early as possible, maybe sending her some dirty texts in the morning while she’s at work. This will really get her turned on and ready to squirt like crazy later on when you are in bed together. The more sexual tension you build up, the more likely she is to squirt.

Don’t stop when she climaxes the first time

It is also essential that you do not stop when she climaxes the first time. When you keep going past her first orgasm, you can give her one after another. Whisper some dirty things in her ear while you are ploughing away after the first orgasm. This is one of the most important things to remember when it comes to giving the girl you are with multiple squirting orgasms. One of the biggest mistakes that guys make is to stop after the first orgasm, but you will need to keep going hard and fast.

Change up positions

One of the most important things that you can do when it comes to giving your girl multiple orgasms is to change up your positions. You don’t want to do it in the same position for too long because it will get old after a while. Doggy style is a great position to do if you want to give her multiple squirting orgasms, but you should also put her on her back. The fact is that using the same position over and over gets boring for most girls, and the last thing you want to do is bore her in the bedroom.

Take a short break

While it’s perfectly okay and actually recommended that you take a short break, you don’t want to leave the bed. Try lying down next to each other and fingering her pussy to keep her wet and horny. This will give you both an opportunity to recharge your energy levels so you’ll be ready to go at it again. Every couple needs a break when having sex, especially if it is a long session. A lot of guys feel as though they cannot take a break because they need to keep going, but resting is essential when you want to make it a truly pleasurable experience for both of you.

Digital Stimulation

By “digital stimulation”, I don’t mean porn (although watching porn together can be a good idea if you’re both into it.) It would help if you remembered to use your fingers to pleasure her because it can be highly effective. If you really want her to cum like crazy multiple times, you will need to finger her well. Use two fingers when fingering her pussy, pushing them in deep with an upward movement over and over. You can do this before you start having sex or when you are taking a break. The fact is that digital stimulation can be incredibly effective when it comes to getting your girl to the point where she is coming numerous times.

Using your mouth

Oral sex also plays a crucial role in giving a girl multiple orgasms, so you will need to become an expert at eating her out if you aren’t already. Use your tongue to make her feel good before you go to bed. Explore her vulva with kisses, focusing most of your attention on her clitoris. Try using circular motions or moving your tongue up and down. You can also feel free to experiment with different pressures. Be sure to ask her what feels good so that you don’t just keep doing something that she doesn’t really like. Remember, you need to stimulate her rhythmically in order to give her multiple mind-blowing squirting orgasms.

Set the mood

While your technique is essential when it comes to giving your girl multiple orgasms, you will also need to remember to set the mood. Try putting on some music that you know she likes while still having it be appropriate for the situation. Light a couple of candles and get started. The atmosphere of the room plays an integral part in ensuring that she will enjoy herself enough to reach orgasm numerous times. The more effort you put into setting the mood, the better your chances of really pleasing her are.


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