When it comes to love, we often get confused whether it is a simple affection, a crush or maybe love. Well, what we need to understand is that love is a lot stronger feeling than simple affection and attraction towards anyone. Love is always a deeper emotion and goes beyond the initial attraction we feel towards an individual. Hence, before jumping into such a serious commitment, it is really vital to know whether you are in love or not.

Many times when you see someone for the first time, your heart beat skips and time stands still, no matter how much you try but you can’t get your eyes off from that one special person. Well, if that’s the case with you, then it is definitely a sign that you are in love. So if you are someone who is looking for some ways to figure out if you are in love or not, then below we are listing 12 Early signs that you must notice.

12 Early Signs You Should Notice:

1. You feel good when your partner is happy
Do you feel immense joy and ecstasy when you see that person happy? Just a mere smile on his/ her face fills your mind with happiness? Do your happiness lies in their happiness? Well, if you too feel such emotions, then it is time to know that you are truly in love. Love is all about feeling one with your partner and to enjoy all happiness, lovely moments, as well as moments of satisfaction with your partner. So notice the signs to figure out if what you feel is purely love or mere attraction.

2. You don’t mind Public affection
Love is one such feeling which makes us forget the world. When in love, we do things without even caring about what other people will feel or think. We do many things without even realizing like holding hands in public, kisses and hugs. Normally, most couples don’t prefer showing much public affection until and unless they are in love. So if you are someone who doesn’t mind showing love in public, then you are surely in love.

3. You care for them like a family
When you fall in love, your whole world starts revolving around that one special person. You think about them 24*7. They become the most vital part of your life and you start caring for them just like your family. You become sad to see your partner sad and happy when you see them happy. You love them unconditionally without a reason and this feeling is nothing but love. If you too feel such emotions for someone, and treat your partner just like you treat your family then you are definitely in love.

4. You talk without getting bored
It is a one big known fact that when it’s just a crush or attraction you easily get bored after a while. Everything that you do together or talk about seems boring and you generally don’t feel like carrying on anymore. But when you fall in love, you get so many things to talk about with your partner, that too without getting bored. No matter how much you talk and how long you talk, there is always something left to tell each other. You talk for hours on the phone still never feel like putting down the phone. Whatever you do seems the best thing in the world and this is not just love, but undoubtedly one of the best feelings in this whole world.

5. You picture the long term goals
It is an undeniable fact that when you love someone, you see yourself growing old with that person. But if some negative or questionable feelings or thoughts come up then it is advisable to rethink about your decision, and try to figure out whether this particular individual is right for you or not. After all, love is a serious commitment, which extends beyond the initial attractions and it is really important to experience it once in your lifetime.

6. You would sacrifice
As we all know that love has no limits and no boundaries, the only thing that matters is how well you both get along, cooperate, adjust to make your relationship stronger and long lasting. So if you make adjustments and sacrifices without even asking for anything in return, then it is love. If you are ready to sacrifice anything for your partner’s happiness and comfort, then you are definitely in love. Love is all about sacrifices and compromises and if you are truly in love, you will not mind being in a relationship and making sacrifices for the one you love unconditionally. But if you get doubtful thoughts when you think about making commitment, then the love is surely not strong enough.

7. You look for opportunities to see them
Being in love is definitely one of the best feelings in the world. You do crazy things to please them, you are there for them all the time, spend quality time together, you always do things that can make your partner happy. But no matter how much time you spend together, you always feel it isn’t enough. You look for opportunities to see them again and again. You never miss out any chance to spend some great together and keep asking each other to meet. So if you go through the similar emotions, then it is time to know you are in love.

8. You feel incomplete without them
It is believed that when two people love each other, they complete each other as well. So if you are someone who feels incomplete without your partner and always wish to be with them, then you are truly in love. You feel comfortable with them, it all feels right. Being with your partner also makes you happy and they always make sure that you feel appreciated and wanted. But must remember only lucky people fall in love, and if you are one of them, express your love to your someone special before it becomes too late.

9. Every Song you hear reminds you of them
Does every romantic song that you hear on the radio reminds you of your someone special? Well, if that’s happening with you, then there is nothing to worry as this is one of the signs that shows you are deeply and madly in love with that person. You can even use the romantic songs to tell your feelings to your partner. So sing a song for them or sent them a song which you think can best express your feelings.

10. You start liking things they like
When you start liking someone, you appreciate everything they do or like. We all have our own choices, likes and passion, but it is an undeniable fact that when someone else becomes a part of our life, we start enjoying the things they like which is completely normal and natural. Love does not only change you, but it changes your whole life tremendously. You don’t think of yourself as an individual, and take all the decisions, keeping your someone special in mind.

11. You don’t even notice who else is around you
This is one sign that you must notice in order to find out whether what you feel is mere attraction or love. As when you just like someone, you notice all the other sexy people present in the room. You wish to have somebody like them in your life. But when you love someone, you never notice anyone else apart from your someone special. You never get distracted and give all your priority and attention to that person only.

12. You feel like an open book
When you love someone, you feel like being an open book for them. You share all your secrets, special moments as well as biggest secrets with them which you would never even share with your closed ones. As they say love is all about surrendering yourself to someone you love and pouring your heart out to them.

Love Is Not Something That Can Be Easily Defined…

Love is not something that can be easily defined in words, but if you are able to relate to all the conditions mentioned above fast and naturally, then it clearly shows that you are in love. Love is definitely a difficult thing to master, but even before you reach the stage where you question whether you love the other person, you need to know how to date effectively to prevent the person of your dreams from slipping away due to inexperience.

So always make sure that you utilize your chance well and try your best to make the other person fall in love with you with your charm and amazing persona. But never give up without trying as you never know, you might get the person you love and spend your life with them. So take one step ahead to make that someone special completely yours forever. Try out yourself!


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