You don’t love someone to expect back hate, right? When you truly admire someone, there are higher chances you want them to like you back. Unfortunately, it is never a guarantee. In our love and hate world, there are more than enough cases of people getting heart-broken and sometimes end up doing wrong things after realizing that the person they like or love doesn’t feel the same way. If you’ve had the experience, then you should understand what I’m talking about.

If you are an emotional person, trust me, this is the last thing you want ruining your moment. Unless you are looking for regrets, getting involved in a relationship whose foundation and direction you barely understand is never a wise idea. The most effective way to stay out of the trouble is to figure out if the person you like can like you back. Here are some of the tips and tricks on how to know if someone likes you before making any crucial step.

5 Steps To Guess If Someone Likes:

STEP 1: Check his or her immediate reaction after seeing you the first time.

People are different in many ways. There are those who will smile with everyone at first sight and there are those who won’t. This makes it harder to notice if someone is enjoying your presence, pretends to like you or isn’t interested at all. What you must keep in mind is, depending on how you look, talk or what you wear your potential friend or lover will notice something good in you at first sight. And if he or she does, depending on the next step you decide to take, he or she might end up being your friend or lover. So, check out his or her first reaction the first time he or she sees you. If you happen to smile or wave at them, and they don’t, that might be one of your worst places to hunt for love. If a stranger can smile back or wave back, it shows you have your chances, but all this depends on what you’ll do next.

STEP 2: How comfortable can he or she be around you.

You’ve found out that he or she has some interest in you. You talked and luckily she was willing to give you his or her phone number. Now, what should you do next? Simple, find out if talking to them or staying around them for longer hours makes them uneasy. Some people won’t show you directly that you are bothering them, but this won’t last long. If your subject is a female, ask her out. It isn’t a guarantee that she’ll accept the offer, but she should at least have her own free time. If she is fond of making excuses all the time, she might not be interested. Also, watch out if she can hang out with you for longer hours. For a man, he should be able to ask you out after you meet.

STEP 3: Read his or her body language.

You’ve now realized that he or she has no problem hanging out with you. But this doesn’t mean it all. You need to dig deeper, and this would require you to be keen on what he or she is doing while you are together. If your subject is a girl, watch out the distance she keeps from you each time you are together. Sometimes keeping a distance might be a sign that they aren’t yet ready. However, this should not take days to weeks. A girl should be able to keep a closer distance after three days of spending time together. She’ll even find a way to touch you. Some will try to share with you what they have on their phones such as photos so as to be near you. So, watch out. A girl who doesn’t like you won’t do any of these. For men, it is obvious. If they are more than willing to flow with you, they undoubtedly like you. Also, check out for eye contact. A person who has an interest in you should be able to look into your eyes directly.

STEP 4: Does he or she has the same feelings.

Sometimes being close or touching you without hesitation might not mean much. Most of them will do it if they have a feeling that they are safer around you, and they can trust you in one way or another. If you are a hasty person, you’ll have a hard time knowing if they are just trying to be friends or looking for a serious relationship. So, you have to be more cautious in the next step you take. This will require you to be wise and patient or else you might lose what you’ve built. The worst mistake you can do at this point is trying to force things, for example, getting hungry whenever someone texts, calls or talks to her or doing anything that shows you are desperate.

The only person any male or female will allow you to react this way is someone he or she isn’t shy to call his or her mate in public. Trust me; you aren’t there yet, but you can notice it earlier by checking out some signs. Also, keep in mind that he or she might be having an EX somewhere, so acting funny might not be direct evidence that he or she doesn’t have the same feelings. Invite her to a stroll somewhere that is local. It could be a town center or just her neighborhood. If she had touched you earlier without hesitating or agreed to touch you in the previous step, hugging her in public shouldn’t be a big problem. If she reacts funny, chances that she might be having someone are high and vice versa. Don’t get caught. If it is a man with no interest in you, chances that he’ll do any of those things are low. So, you’ll know it without a sweat.

STEP 5: Making the crucial step

You’ve realized that he or she doesn’t have a problem hanging around you. You can hug her in public. You’ve also noticed that he or she has some feelings and more. But even friends can sometimes show the same signs. How do you find out he or she wants to be with you? Just like the other steps, patience is a vital tool here. So, take it slow. Find a perfect quite place, where he or she won’t use shyness as an excuse. If it’s a lady, be a gentleman and find out if she is willing to take what you both have to the next level. Since you are all alone, she won’t hesitate to give you an answer. Others will prefer you take it slow and won’t give you the answer directly, but at least will show you that you have a chance. The same goes for men.

Additional Tips On How to Tell if Someone Likes You:

  • They get too personal: If a male or a female is willing to share his or her personal life, it is likely that he or she likes you.
  • Watch out for pupil dilation: Most studies show that pupil dilation is one of the immediate signs of interest.
  • Turning back to see if you smile after saying a joke: A person who likes you would want you to smile at his or her jokes.
  • He or she talks about you in your absence: A person who likes you will share stories about you with their friends and family.
  • He or she will want you to meet their friends: Most of the times, a person who truly likes you would want his or her friends to know that you aren’t imaginary.
  • Complements you all the time: If he or she compliments you more often then, chances that he or she likes you are high.

The Final Word

Knowing if a person loves you or not can take time simply because not all will be willing enough to show you the signs earlier. So, it is up to you to find out and to do this; it is important that you observe patience. The funny part is many couples who end up together and live happily ever after, start on a wrong foot. But just like fate, it turns out to be the best relationship ever. So, mostly, it depends on the steps you take. Save yourself the trouble using the tips above on how to know if someone likes you.


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    When we are close to a girl you like, we instinctively want to reach out to her, to feel the warmth of her skin, feel the pressure of her body. And of course that consciously we try to touch her.

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