You’ve just been to a party and have met some guys and have also danced with a few of them. There is one that you have liked more than the others and want to build a relationship with him. It’s one thing that you like him, but how to know if a Guy likes You? You might be curious to know about his thoughts regarding you. There are certain things to look out for to make sure that he too is interested in you.

If a man is interested in you, you can be rest assured that he will be sending out certain signals and it is up to you to understand and interpret the same. For starters, his body language will show a distinct change. There are two types of men. One of them is the bold and brash ones who will just walk up to you and say that he likes you and is interested in you. With these types, you need not do any research.

The other types are the meek ones and it is those types that you have to study, study their body language to understand that they have a fondness for you.

Here are the signs that a Guy likes You:

Look out for his eyes.

These are the biggest giveaways. If he establishing eye contact with you for a few seconds before looking in another direction, then it is a giveaway that he is attracted to you and wants to establish an association with you.

Is he nervous in your presence?

Another sure way to make sure of a person fondness towards you is to check if he gets nervous in your presence. Most people have the habit of being self-conscious in the presence of the women of their longing and get nervous too.

The all-revealing chat

Another simple method to know if a guy likes you is to strike up a chat with him. Talk less yourself and let him talk more. Do keep on dropping hints at the appropriate moments. If he is interested in you, he will pay extreme attention to whatever you are telling. He will also take pains to remember whatever you have said. He might even ask you about your interests and hobbies. The surest sign is his ignorance of others around him and showering all his attention just on you.

Does he tease you?

Most people have the habit of teasing the women they like and they do the same in a discreet manner and at the same time, they are careful to see that they do not go so far overboard so as to annoy you. This is a sure sign that he is engrossed by you. His teasing is a way of conveying his affection towards you.

Reciprocate his feelings.

There is one thing that you should have to pay extra attention too. Nobody likes being shunned. Hence you too should show a bit of interest in him, even more so if you too are interested in him. Not only will this open him up towards you, but will also play a big part in helping to remove his nervousness. The body chemistry of a man is easy to detect and the girl should look out for some of the telltale signs mentioned above and reciprocate.

This is how a successful date starts.

Recollect on discussions you have had with him

Does he recall the easily overlooked details that you said? Folks recollect minimal unimportant bits of discussions when they like you. They are telling you that they are occupied with every little thing about you. This is a decent indication of his yearning to have an association with you.

Pay consideration on his companions

In the event that they know he’s keen on you, they may tease him unobtrusively when you’re around, indication to you that he loves you, or even attempt to see whether you like him. Study their responses to your nearness – do they grin? Do they swing to him? Do they smile in a way that recommends they know something that you don’t? Assuming this is the case, then there’s a decent risk that they realize that he truly likes you.

Check with your companions

Folks frequently take a more noteworthy enthusiasm for a young lady’s companions as an approach to get nearer to her. See whether he is inquiring as to yourself when you are not around. Some of the time folks are excessively bashful, making it impossible to express their enthusiasm for you, so they will go about it roundaboutly.

When he asks you personal questions about your life.

The most important pointers in knowing the feelings of a guy is when he begins to ask personal questions regarding your single status, past boyfriends or any current love interests. It is only when he is seeking your romantic company that he asks you these questions to know you and your romantic tastes better.

In fact, at times, to know what is in your heart regarding him, he may also pair you up with someone else to see how you react to it.

What else could You do to make Him fall for You?

At long last, to ensure whether a guy like you or not then you can simply ahead and ask him. Do you fear dismissal? All things considered, he can say no to you, that is without a doubt, yet think a bit. You will spare a considerable measure of time and you won’t wander off in fantasy land with no sureties that something will ever happen between both of you.

Take The Short Quiz o Find Out If He Really Like You

To avoid any humiliating circumstances, attempt to ask the right inquiries. On the off chance that he says he doesn’t care for you, you may say the same thing and regard everything as a joke. On the other hand, on the off chance that you inquire as to whether he loves you as a companion, then you can likewise reinforce this supposition by saying that you additionally nurture him as a companion. Could it be any more obvious? You receive in return exquisitely and easily. Be that as it may, on the off chance that he prefers you and not as his companion, then you are on the privileged path.

Once you know fairly sure that he doesn’t care for you, it is time to take action. Put together a step-by-step plan for getting him to fall for you. But, how to make him feel attracted to me?

Well, there’s a way around to make him fall for you. The way around is to start doing the things that always work to create INTENSE ATTRACTION inside a man. You need to know what it is that makes a man feel this kind of attraction for you. You need to learn the specifics tips for how to create that kind of attraction inside a man, whether you’re just meeting him, or you’ve been together for months or years.

When you do the things that are sure to make a man feel that gut-level attraction that goes deeper than just his physical attraction and desires, then he’ll do and try anything to be close to you. Is it amazing? Yes, of course. What you need to do is to learn. It’s a skill and it is not a magic, and I honestly believe that any woman can learn it if she wants.

I hope this article put some light on your question and now you will be 100% if your dream guy likes you or not.


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  1. If a guy likes you he will do everything he can to impress you, to make you feel loved, to help you. He will text you often, he might seem nervous around you and he will often try to see things from your perspective and do things that would benefit you. I had this happen with some of my former boyfriends so I’m talking from personal experience. And yes, most of the times, his friends will know if he likes you or not and you can find that out by studying them a bit.

  2. While I agree with what USER above said, I also think that men are different, quite different actually. If a man likes you, he might do everything described above or he might act completely different. He might feel that he has to buy dinner every time or get you flowers often. Some men put an equal sign between love and money and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. They just feel good when they can get you something.

  3. Thanks for this article on how to know if a guy likes you. I wonder though, when you see the signs above; and that the guy you’re interested in likes you, how do you then get him to move it on. There is a guy who likes me who shows all the signs that you’ve mentioned and even some more… but I think that he is too shy to initiate. What can I do?

  4. Also, I wonder whether or not there’s another way how to know if he likes you. The guy I like keeps arranging things so that we have loads of “group meetings” with our friends, but then he doesn’t do anything with me while we’re there! Like I said in the last comment, I think he’s really shy. But have I just got the wrong message from his actions?

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