She likes me! She doesn’t likes me! This is tougher than algebra, is it not? How many of you have been taking online tests to find if a girl likes you and convinced yourself that she, however, likes you, irrespective of whatever result you get?

Women are mysterious creatures. It is tough to read them, but not impossible. Exact determination of anything is impossible and only the women thing is pretty exaggerated here. Given already that understanding women are difficult, what is more troublesome is determining whether she likes you or not. This could be a walk in the land of mines. Anything you do or say can or will be used against you and there 99.9% likely chance you will screw up and the relationship will break. Most of the guys, considering that, remain put. What is pathetic here is that women might be expecting you to confess that it is more than friendship, if they like their guy. Again, staying put can also get your girl bored and done with expecting. What is the result? Relationship break.

For those who understood, it must be clear that knowing if your girl likes you or not is a mandatory thing, whether you are a good judge or not!

10 Early Signs If a Girl Likes You:

There is no – NO!

Women are pretty careful about not hurting the man they like and pushing him away. They are afraid of losing their men. When you ask her to hang out, there must be a cheerful yes. In fact, a girl who genuinely likes you will never hesitate to ask you out. It isn’t a cakewalk, but then she will – with a hearty smile on her face. If there are plans she has while you ask her out, she is going to be the sweetest in explaining how tight the opponent plan is. Moreover, there is no hanging out with another best friend.

Now, there are high chances you are besties and do that time to time. This might be different. Plans included! You can see how much she enjoys spending time with you.

P.S: If only, you keep doing that after the ‘realizing the love’ part is over.

Mirroring the Moves

Now, she adores you! What do you do when you find something adorable sitting beside you? Keep staring? Women do that! They mirror your moves and sometimes try and imitate you. You can notice her looking at you. You know the difference between just looking and actually LOOKING! You can tell she likes the way you do.

Full Planned Preparation in Style

If not every time, you can definitely see how often she tries to carry her well with her outfit – specifically the kinds you like to see. Now, she doesn’t have a lipstick or wear revealing clothes – do not close the chapter by concluding she doesn’t give mind you. She might be often wearing that scarf you said you liked on the 4th of May 1902 16.00 hours 03 microseconds whatever. Women might forget anything but a compliment her favorite teddy gave her. It is not that women are to be complemented 24×7. Still, they understand the difference when you actually like it and when you simply like it.

This is just like the difference between Phthalo green and Charleston green for them. For those guys who thought these colors are green – it is not! These are shades of black. Quit!

You are her the first person in the ‘I can count on..’ list

If you are the person she likes, she will find you to be the first person she can count on during issues or happiness. You will be the first one to know it. Who stays and wishes to spend time with a person who isn’t trustworthy enough? If she likes, you must be the person who knows this ‘only you know this. Tell no one’ category secrets. This trust factor works better when you are best friends and she likes you. This one is easy to spot.

Check out for her response time

Unless and until you have pissed her off enough for the day, her response time would be quicker than the speed of light. She wouldn’t keep you waiting for long when you have texted her. She doesn’t bother if it is important or not. At times, she knows that you are drunk and you are going to talk about how you have a Pikachu in your refrigerator stuff but that is fine. She gets it all! Drunk or sober, any insane talks, important ones, secrets, embarrassment sharing – all of it included.

Moreover, you can find her making excuses to just have a conversation. It isn’t a woman thing unless she likes him. This is a clear indicator of how she is willing to take another step to see you both together. Check out for compliments from her end. If she keeps complimenting you often, like literally often, she might be shushing in your ears that she likes you. You might want to be open and understand her actions here – keep your ears open!

Silence isn’t awkward

The comfort zone is one major factor girls would like to keep. Both of you sitting silently together and still not feeling awkward is a sign that she feels comfortable with you. There is a deep eye-to-eye crash and a smile that accompanies is a total yes! No friends stare that deep into the eyes and smile.

Proximity is all covered

Usually, women are concerned about proximity. A girl who likes you and is comfortable with you, wouldn’t mind you getting closer and lets the thing happen willingly. Now, if you take this sign way too hard and try kissing and get pulled back in the friend zone, we are not responsible.

This is where you prove that exclusive no-distance reward is a thing and you appreciate it and not actually take an advantage of her.

Plus, you can find your conversations being effortless. A two hour can turn into an eight-hour conversation – no surprises, please. You wouldn’t be even knowing where the time went. Don’t think twice about it. It is apparent that she is not bored of you and she likes you.

You see the symptoms of her dorky side or the avatar itself!

She sincerely reveals what she is! She isn’t afraid of showing her dorky side to you. She willingly wants you to know that she is this dorky. Remember this isn’t something she shares with the rest of the world. Your capability of handling her dorky avatar might actually impress her like you will ever imagine. You can get her to like you this way if she has a doubt on that feeling actually.

From watching her favorite TV series (sometimes it happens to be the show you hate, but you will be forcefully made to watch) to any embarrassing quirk, she enjoys irritating you and doesn’t bother. That is a yes-yes! Who do these activities with a person whom they don’t mind about? It is obvious that she adores you.

The talk about life in Mars

She is completely present when she is with you. You people have a talk about the future where she mentions a particular event or scene she wishes to be with you, then you might want to accept the fact that she is into you. Now, if you think the event she must be talking about to be a wedding, then read the article from the beginning once again. The event might be stupid or just the apparent reality. It is a good sign.

Women don’t usually dream or discuss their future with a person whom they don’t like. Dreaming about the future is a thing for them. So, if she is doing that, it is a sign.

The Ultimate sign and surviving the situation

After all this happens, there is this major sign. You get to meet her friends. So here, the major tip you might want to follow is to remember that no matter how gorgeous they look, they are your girl’s friends and you might want to stand a distance. This might actually impress her more. More is because she wouldn’t be introducing you to her friends if she isn’t into you. Letting the world know is a big deal and if she is doing it, be sure of how much she likes you.

On any of the mentioned signs, you might find your girl overdoing something. The difference is pretty apparent. If you get to compare how she behaves around a group and with you, you can understand you are a special person in her life and it is serious!


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