You may have been dreaming all week about the softness of her lips against yours and if it might be just like in the romantic movies you’ve seen. It may be your first kiss or the first time you’re kissing this new girl, but the excitement remains the same! It is said that a kiss can let you taste the other person’s soul and hence the art of kissing is one that can definitely benefit from knowing techniques from experts. So how to kiss a girl and make her want more?

Most women also assess the future of the relationship based on how well the first kiss goes, and also end relationships because their partner was a bad kisser, so buck up boys!
But fear not, because we’ve got you covered with 12 kissing tips that not only make sure that you and your girl have the perfect first kiss but also makes sure that the kisses keep coming! Make sure she is ready to kiss you.

This is the most important part! A girl may enjoy your company and go out with you but it does not necessarily mean that she wants to kiss you or see you in a romantic way; she may just consider you as a good friend!

And, even if she says that she likes you more than just friends it does not mean that she is ready to kiss you when you are. Hence it is crucial to notice her body language around you to be sure that she wants to kiss you as well.

12 Tips On How To Kiss a Girl Successfully:

Relax its going to be fine!
It’s okay to be a nervous wreck before your first kiss or the first time that you’re kissing her. But take in deep breaths and try your best to relax. If you let your nervousness get the best of you, you may send out the wrong body signals that may create the impression that you’re not comfortable or confident about being with her.

Girls are romantic at heart.
Even a small romantic gesture can go a long way! Try to make the first kiss you have with her a special event. Pick up some red roses for her or her favorite flowers, compliment her outfit and tell her how beautiful she looks.

Act like a gentleman around her by opening the car door for her, pulling out her chair for her and letting her walk through a door first. Be kind and considerate and she will love you for it.

Set the right mood
Choosing the right environment for your first kiss is as important as the kiss itself! If possible, it’s best to avoid kissing her in a public place. She must be at ease and comfortable and it’s unlikely that would be the case in a room full of strangers or out in public when she’s with her friends. You want her to pay attention to you completely, not just during the kiss but also before kissing her and also while kissing her. If you’re in your house, set the correct mood with some dim lights and light background music that makes her feel.

Make your breath smell ‘French’
You may have planned a cute dinner date in a nice restaurant but make sure that you don’t chow down on garlic or pickles before your romantic kiss! Keep in hand a tooth brush if possible or chew some strong gum/ mint to freshen your breathe before you make your move. Eating strawberries/ apples/ ginger along with drinking water works like a chance.

Break the ‘touch’ barrier
It’s tougher to kiss a girl for the first time if you’ve never touched her before. If she isn’t willing to hold your hand or is reluctant to touch you in any way, it’s a clear sign that she may not be interested in kissing you.

Before even considering kissing her, try touching her hand or arm casually a couple of times as you talk to her and notice how she reacts to it. Observe if she looks comfortable being touched or pulls away from you?

Lean in for the kiss.
When you feel that the moment is right, start by looking into her eyes and then at her lips before leaning forward to kiss her. Make sure to slightly tilt your head to the right or left to avoid bumping your noses and close your eyes before your lips begin the actual kiss.

Start off with a soft gentle kiss on her lips and then pull back for a second and if it seems like she enjoyed it, lean forward and kiss her again.

Deepen the kiss
Your first kiss doesn’t have to be anything more than what is described above. The next step however is to deepen the kiss by nudging her lips gently with the tip of your tongue. Slowly wait for her open her mouth slightly and use the front part of the tongue to gently caress her tongue and lips.

Do not stick your tongue in her mouth and make sure not to push your tongue too deeply inside her mouth as it may gag her!

Even though most movies show the first kiss to be a passionate French kiss where sounds and sights get muted along with a lot of tongue kissing or a long make-out session, reality is very far from that.

Mind your tongue and saliva
Using your tongue properly can make the kiss either great or horrible. It’s crucial to avoid making the kiss a facial wash by attacking them with your tongue or filling their mouth with your tongue. Remember to use your tongue just enough to make the kiss magical.

Also make sure to control your saliva. She might be a dog lover but no one enjoys having a river of slobber running down their chin.

Touch but don’t grope her
During the first kiss or otherwise, women do not like to be groped! During the kiss, gently hold her face or grab her face or neck or run your fingers through her hair. Do not attempt to touch her in any other area during the kiss unless she seems comfortable.

‘Listen’ to her body
Pay attention to the tempo of her kiss and reply to it by mimicking it with your tongue. Leading her can be a good idea but being oblivious is definitely a bad thing.

Be spontaneous
There’s nothing more attractive than confident guys so do not ask her if you can kiss her! Catch her off-guard when the moment seems right and go for the kiss!

Don’t see how far you can get.
Kissing the girl you like for the first time should be a fun and pleasant experience for both of you. The fact that she was ready and willing to kiss you does in no way mean that she is willing to do anything more than kissing you.

Most men are likely to see kissing as the first step towards sexy but do not be the kind of guy who tries to see how far you can get. Enjoy kissing her and don’t force her to go further until she wants to.

Following these effective tips on how to kiss a girl will make you a kissing GOD, a special and memorable experience for both of you!


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