There is a lot your fingers can converse to your loved one’s skin! A sensual massage or a gentle back rub can help boost the intimacy in a relationship. It works as a great stress relief for both the giver and the receiver, and the whole act helps enhance the bond between them.

A well-executed sensual massage can make her fall in love with you all over again. It strengthens the trust and bonding between partners and enhances their mutual dependence and closeness. The attention and focus you are going to give your lover will make her feel pampered and loved. The calm and peaceful atmosphere you both will find yourself in will bring a lot of positivity into your relationship.

So, are you planning to give your women a sensual massage? While it is easy and soothing to be at the receiving end of it, it is a hard job to do it the right way if you are the one giving it. And let’s face it! We are not professional masseuses. But there are some basic techniques and tips you can keep in mind to make sure that the massage turns out to be a relaxing experience for both of you. Read on to find out.

Find a Suitable Time Schedule for it

A sensual massage is very different from a regular activity you can rush through. For the occasion to be practical and comforting, you need to dedicate some good time to it. Figure out a suitable day and time of the week when you and your lover won’t be disturbed by calls from work or other external factors. It is a great idea to turn your phones off during this time. If you have kids, send them to the babysitter or drop them off at a friend’s place. The sensual massage is supposed to be a highly personal experience, and nothing should be allowed to come between you and your partner.

Set Up the Mood

The right mood and ambience can do wonders about how effective the whole experience turns out to be. It goes without saying that the main elements of the ambience you create are the lighting and music you choose.

For any activity, even remotely romantic, dim lights are always the right prescription. You can dim the lights if your lighting settings allow you to do that. Or you can turn them off entirely and use some candles instead. Candles have always been synonymous with romantic nights, and they can set up the right mood for such an occasion. And if you can manage to get those aromatic candles with that soothing smell, it would be a masterstroke!

The background music you choose is another crucial part of setting up the right mood. Ambient sounds and soft music should be what you are looking for. Make sure that the volume isn’t too loud and that it doesn’t dominate the whole set-up. Smooth and slow songs or nature sounds will reap the best rewards.

Choose and Arrange the Massage Area

The comfort of your partner should be your topmost priority. Any rigid surface on which she can lie down can be used as the massage area. This can be a bed, a table or even the floor. A professional massage table is, , the best option if you can manage to get one. Spread the bed sheet over the surface, and you can make use of pillows and towels to make knee rests and neck rests for her. This would help her lie down comfortably. Make sure that her body is straight while she lies down. A straight body helps release stress and pressure.

It doesn’t have to be Silent

Keep talking to her as you get ready to begin the massage. You can remind her about the romantic moments you both have shared in the past. This would help her get into the perfect dreamy mood for the whole experience. Little things like this make it a sensual massage and not a regular massage.

Giving a Sensual Massage

The long and smooth rubbing on your partner’s back would be an ideal beginning to the sensual massage. Spend some good time massaging her shoulders, back, arms and hands before you get into the sensitive body areas. Keeping this order is an essential aspect of the whole process.

Once you are done stroking your lover’s shoulders and back, you can move down to her buttocks. Massage the buttocks for a while with rigid circular motions. You can inquire if you are stroking it too hard or soft. Then, you can adjust the pressure you are putting on her body based on her response.

If she is lying face up, do not forget to stroke her breasts and nipples gently. But, if she is lying in a face-down position, these areas will be inaccessible to you. You would have to make the adjustments accordingly.

Now, it is time for the sensual part of the massage. You can move your hands down her body and begin to stroke the regions near her genitals. Tease her a bit to increase her anticipation. This can effectively be done by stroking the inner thighs close to her genitals. Once you can sense that she is getting aroused, you can start a genital massage. Make sure that you do it slowly and gently.

Keep talking to her and make adjustments in your stroking based on her feedback. You will notice that a few areas on her body seem to give her more pleasure. Make sure that you massage these areas repeatedly. From this point, the temper of the massage becomes highly sensual and erotic. What is important is that you should remain patient as the energy slowly builds up. The best thing to do is to allow it to progress logically to a natural conclusion.

Some more Instructions

Groom your fingernails to shun yourself from scratching her during all the stroking and rubbing. Use clean towels and bed sheets to avoid any possible discomfort for your partner. Warming your hands before the massage makes the rubbing more pleasurable for her.

Avoid pressing too hard and pinching aggressively. Your rubs, strokes and moves should be soothing and relaxing. Be careful with her spine and other bones when you massage around them.

While the sensual massage happens, put all your focus and effort into the activity. Be present-minded and careful while giving her the massage. Such lapses in concentration would become highly noticeable to your partner receiving the message. A sensual message intends to make your lover feel special.

Using massage oil is an excellent option to make the massage more productive. Apply it to your hand and not to her body directly.


A sensual massage should be an excellent idea for a productive date night. It helps you take a much-needed pause from your hectic life and lets you spend some quality time with your loved one. Give her a sensational massage, throw out all the negativity in your body and embrace the love and sensuality in your relationship. And soon, she will be begging you for more of it!


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