When it comes to giving the girl you are with a truly incredible and memorable orgasm, there is a lot you need to know. Pretty much every guy thinks that he is a stud who won’t have any problem giving every girl he hooks up with multiple orgasms, but you don’t want to be too cocky. You will first need to learn quite a few things before you can be the student she needs you to be in the bedroom. The more of this information you get, the happier you will make her. And the happier you make your girl in the bedroom, the more enjoyment you will both get out of having sex. You might just be surprised at how little you really know when it comes to pleasing a girl.

Get her Relaxed

If you really want to give her the best orgasm ever, you will definitely need to get her relaxed first. If she isn’t in a completely relaxed state, there is pretty much zero chance of you bringing her sexual pleasure in any meaningful way. There are a lot of different ways to relax your girl, including giving her a massage or eating her out before you actually start having sex. Foreplay is essential when it comes to relaxing her and getting her to cum like crazy.

Sex Positions for the best possible squirting Orgasm

Certain sex positions are better than others for getting her to cum like never before, so you will need to keep that in mind as well. The more you change up these positions, the better your chances are going to be of giving her more pleasure than she has ever experienced before in her life. Make sure she is lying down on her back with your body arched over her. You can also try doggy style, as this will allow you to get in especially deep. The position that you use during sex can have a dramatic effect on how powerful her squirting orgasm is.

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What is known as the “advanced doggy style” position is what you will want to know about. You will want to start in the typical “doggy style” position, guiding her head down so it’s on the bed, making sure her ass is still up in the air. Place a pillow underneath her stomach and tell her to rest on it. This will make her totally relaxed and completely ready to get pounded. Next, you will want to go for it. Keep a hard and steady pace while remaining consistent. Try to keep thrusting for about five minutes. If you can manage to do that, she will have an extremely intense shooting squirting orgasm.

The G-spot missionary position is another excellent surefire way to make her squirt and scream like mad. You will want to start by assuming the normal missionary position, taking both of her legs and placing them over both of your shoulders. Make sure that you place a pillow under her lower back and slightly arch her legs up so that her ass is just off the bed.

All you will have to do is thrust hard and keep a consistent pace. You can mix things up by moving towards her face and whispering some dirty things to her. Take just one leg and pump into her over and over just like that. This is such a great way to get her to squirt like she’s never squirted before.

The Girl on Top position is another one that can be pretty effective when it comes to getting a girl to squirt orgasm more intensely than she ever has before. First, you will need to grab a chair and tell her to sit on top, making sure she leans back and holds onto the edge of the chair, arching her back while she does this.

It will be up to her to do all of the work, but you will need to tell her to ride you hard. Talk her through it by saying some dirty things to her so she really gets turned on and keeps going. You should rotate through these positions because the last thing you want is to keep doing the same thing over and over.

It’s all about teasing

If you want to really make her toes curl in the bedroom, you will first need to learn the art of teasing. A lot of guys just want to jump right into fucking, but this is a horrible mistake that should be avoided altogether. Your tongue is a mighty muscle when it comes to teasing girls and pleasing them, so you will want to use it as much as possible and in many different ways. Your fingers are also essential when it comes to teasing, and we’ll discuss how you can use them to drive her crazy.

Steps to follow

These tips will help you become a pro at teasing girls so they will have the best squirting orgasms they have ever experienced. You must read these steps over numerous times so that you don’t mess up when the moment of truth comes around.

  1. Begin by running your fingertips up and down her inner thighs. You don’t want to touch her pussy at all just yet.
  2. Start kissing and licking her inner thighs as well as running your hands up and down her legs, moving closer and closer to her pussy without actually touching it.
  3. After you have done this for a little while (don’t drag it out too long), start moving up to the area just under her pussy.
  4. You will want to start by very lightly running your fingers across the outside of her pussy, along the inside creases between her labia majora (outer lips) and thighs. It’s important that you not actually touch her pussy yet.
  5. Kiss and lick her outer labia, going back to her inner thighs and even her pelvis (the part of her waist just above the pussy and below the belly button.)
  6. Once you have done this for a minute or so, start stroking and then kissing and licking the inner lips of her vagina, going back to her inner thighs and pelvis.
  7. You can finally start licking and touching her vaginal opening now.
  8. Make sure that you do this by touching the clitoris. At this point, you should make her feel like you are giving attention to everything except her clitoris. She may try to guide your hand to her clitoris or tell you to touch it, but you must resist. This is the whole point of teasing, so don’t give in. Whisper “patience” to her as you keep kissing and licking the areas around her clitoris. When you finally do get to her clit, she is going to go crazy with pleasure.

Basics of Squirting

What a woman squirts out of her vagina upon orgasm contains tiny amounts of urine, though overall, it is closer to male semen in terms of what it is made up of. If you are able to make a girl squirt, you know that you have done something right. As a guy who is trying to please his girl, it should be your ultimate goal to make her squirt as much as possible. There are a lot of different ways to do this, including the sex positions mentioned above.

Making a girl squirt really isn’t as difficult or time-consuming as it might seem. Once you get your technique down pat, you will most likely find that making her squirt will come effortlessly for you. If you make a girl squirt, you definitely know she is really turned on, which is obviously a good sign overall. Not all girls are big squirters, but you can get any girl to squirt if you use the proper technique.

Create a Comfortable Environment

Make sure that the girl you are with in bed is completely relaxed because otherwise, there is virtually no chance of making her squirt. This could mean putting some music on, lighting candles or even giving her a nice long back rub. The fact is that she will need to be relaxed in order to have such an intense squirting orgasm from sex with you. Make sure that you dim the lights, as most women don’t want to have sex with the lights on.

You should also make a point of selecting an excellent water-based lubricant to use with her. This will quickly increase her level of arousal. You should also make sure that you have trimmed your fingernails so they are short and won’t hurt her if you decide to do some fingering. If your nails are long, it can actually scratch and hurt her vagina quite a bit.


There is truly nothing like some good foreplay to make her squirt. There are quite a few different things that you will need to know when it comes to making your girl squirt. The way that you eat her pussy before you actually start having intercourse will be significant. First, you want to tease her vagina with your tongue, just licking around before going full force inside.

Step-by-step Instructions

Once she is ready, you will want to tear off her panties and get on top of her. Grab her neck and kiss her hard. Then slowly start to move your hand down to her pussy. Start rubbing her clitoris ever so gently. You will then need to grab the lube and use some on her to increase the pleasure. Make sure that her pussy is already wet before you start using the lube, though. If she is good and wet, you can start fingering her. Start by stimulating her g-spot (you learned how to do that earlier on), going back and forth in a come-hither motion. Make sure that you start slow and soft, building your way up.

Next, you will want to insert another finger and start again. Go slowly at first, gradually building up the speed and intensity of your strokes. It would help if you kept doing this for at least five to ten minutes. She should be starting to moan at this point if you are doing it right. The next step involves what actually makes her squirt. When you have two fingers inside of her, turn your palm so that it’s on the clitoris while your two fingers are hitting her g-spot.

Your other hand is going to be on the left-middle part of her abdomen and close to her vagina, right above the pelvic bone where her bone starts. You will be pressing down with a decent amount of pressure on this part of the stomach with your hand.

As you are pressing down with your other hand, your palm should be on her clitoris with your fingers stimulating the g-spot. Start speeding things up, going faster and faster. You will notice her start to become more and more wrapped up in sheer pleasure. Keep going until she starts to squirt!

Switch it up

The method we just discussed involved using your fingers, but some girls don’t always enjoy that. You will definitely need to try switching things up. The girl you are with might just prefer to get fucked hard. If you try fingering her, but she doesn’t squirt, you can always try fucking her hard and deep. This method usually works, especially with girls who don’t really like to be fingered. When she starts getting all hot and bothered, get on top of her and throw her legs over your shoulders. Spread them apart until your pelvis is touching her clitoris. Next, you will want to start rocking back and forth. This movement will allow your penis to stroke her G-spot deeply while rubbing up against her clit.

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This will get a lot of girls to ejaculate, but only if you do it right. If this does not work, you will have to keep going until she is moaning like crazy. Then, while you are passionately kissing her, start to finger it as you pull out. Slowly breathe warm air onto her vagina as you finger it. Then you will want to suck her vagina into your mouth as you finger her. Start going faster and faster with the movement described above.

This method is a great way to stimulate any woman and get her to moan and squirt like she has never experienced. Some girls prefer to get fucked for a while before coming, while others prefer oral sex. You will be able to tell by her reaction, which she enjoys more. By doing this, you will be able to give her more pleasure than she ever thought possible. There are a lot of different ways to go about pleasuring a woman, but these are by far the best.

The Double Grip

There is another technique called the “double grip” that you will definitely want to know about when it comes to giving a girl the best squirting orgasms of her life. Try grabbing both of her butt cheeks when she is on top. While this may sound a little simplistic or even strange, the buttocks are packed with nerve endings and are more sensitive than you might think. By doing this while she is riding you on top, you might send her over the edge into fits of pleasure and ecstasy. Make sure that you don’t grab her cheeks too firmly, though, as you don’t want it to be a painful experience.


There is always at least a little bit of room for improvisation when it comes to sex, so you will need to remember that as well. You definitely don’t want to get too caught up in following a specific set of steps every time you have sex because that will get boring. If you don’t like the sex to become too mechanical, you should be spontaneous, improvising when it is appropriate. Always use your head when it comes to deciding what to do because one wrong move could mean a very abrupt end to the fun.

The Drop Trick

The “drop trick” involves steady clitoral contact, but you will need to make sure that she is adequately lubricated before starting. Pool just a couple of drops of lube on your penis and thrust into her in short, rhythmic strokes while pressing your body against her pubic mount.


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