It gets very hard to navigate and mend a broken relationship especially if you are a man. The moment you receive that awry text of break-up from your girlfriend is the moment you will get to understand her importance to you better. Perhaps, this will be the high time you will be convincing yourself that everything will get better. But the worst that can ever happen is finding it hard to cope with the life without her. Majority may resort to dying but does this really work in resolving the issue at hand? Most likely, NOT. How about trying to win her back? Does it work particularly if she is in a new a new relationship with another man? And if it works, how about her relationship with her current boyfriend? Chances are high that you may create enmity and antagonism. Here are the secret game plan on how to get your ex girlfriend back if she has a new boyfriend.

Devise a Simple, No-Contact Plan

You want to increase your chances of winning her back, right. The simple and first step you can do is designing a simple and brief no-contact plan. This will include assuming that they never really exist or you have never been with them at any time in your life. No eye contact with them, no communication whatsoever. Cut-off all communications for like 21-45 days. But in case you find this a very long time to win her back, give it a trial of two weeks.

It is true that you may find this situation complicated seeing your ex with another man walk along. One big mistake most men do think is to assume that their ex will give their new men closer attention at the expense of completely forgetting them. It’s not. After completing your NO CONTACT rule get into soft acts, like the pictures they post on social media. Soon they will keep wondering why you like them and high chances are that they will start thinking about you.

Go back to square one, rebuild on a new relationship with your ex-girlfriend

In case you have been monitoring most relationships, then you will realize that this is a common thing. Though you may find this hard and somehow possessive, it really works. Even if it were you, how will you feel and react on realizing that your girlfriend is keeping an eye and gives much attention to her ex including support and time? This may sound scary. Insecurity will soon ensue between the two of you. This is how to get her back;

Try becoming one of her best friends. Assume that you have never done anything before not even breaking up. At this time, do not show her any signs that you want to win her back. After achieving this, know that you are through with step one. Secondly, give her all the necessary emotional support. Make a difference and shine among her friends up to and even her new boyfriend. It is true that girls would make comparisons when it comes to boyfriends just like any men. They will prefer those boyfriends that offer them all the support including time and emotions. Don’t help her in their relationships and in case they will ask for relationship advice on their new boyfriend, decline but in a polite way.

Establish an attraction through text messages

To this far, you will be in a better position. Remember at this time, her new boyfriend may be in doubts about how she relates to you. This is the best time to build on an intelligent attraction mechanism. However at this stage, you need to be careful not to jump into things as you may spoil everything. Start shallowly as you progress deep. Remember that a woman loves nothing more that total romance. So get started by showing them that you offer them more and more attention. So, it does not work out right trying to call a girl and asking her right away.

Building attraction is the way to get started.

How do you build the best attraction? This is the way to go about. Start with text messages. Be soft enough and show your art. This is pretty simple for you. After ensuring that you have fully established an attraction, advance to mobile phone conversations. At this point, you must have caused troubles and their new boyfriends must be upset with how things are turning around. Perhaps, you need not to stop. Go ahead and attract her the more you can. Soon, you relationship may regain momentum and graduate slowly. A rift is going to ensue in the new relationship with her new boyfriend and this is high time you should ask for a hang-out.

Plan on a Hang-out

This is now the final step you have in restoring everything back to normal. This is the stage you will have done your big NC test, showed her all your emotional support and even established an attraction to them. So, this is the perfect time to ask for a hang out with them. Just ask her a casual hang-out and not necessarily a date. However, if they decline your hang-out request, go to her personally and meet her. Rejecting your hang-out offer does not mean that you won’t get her back.

In case your offer is accepted, then it will be great. This will mean that she is dumping her boyfriend back to you. In fact, she will start directing her efforts back to you. Ideally, she will not even respect her boyfriend like they used to. To this end, you will have totally won her back.

You can find the whole story of getting back your ex challenging but I assure you will win her back. In case your relationship ended up in a whirlwind, then do not lose hope as you can still mend everything and start on a new beginning. You can try the above game plan and see things work out right once more. Remember that your ex girlfriend is a human being and has feelings too. It is true that such moments are horrifying but all the same, you can come out victorious. Start your trick out.


Anna Perkins is a relationship writer who offers her own forthright opinion over the worlds of dating, romance, relationships , marriage and friendships. She loves cats, traveling, spending time with her son and husband.


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