Are you wondering how you’re supposed to get your ex boyfriend back when he already has a new girlfriend? Breaking up with your boyfriend might not be forever. You can at least try and win him back with some very simple techniques that have been proven to help many girls like you.

Wanting to get your ex back is your main goal but first you must ask yourself a few questions. Do you really want your ex in your life? Are you trying to get him back just for revenge? Why you broke up in the first place? Asking yourself these questions is crucial before you even begin thinking of getting your ex boyfriend back.

Now let us see a few things that you might probably be doing wrongly while thinking it will get your ex back to you. Calling all the time? Are you doing this? If yes, you need to stop right away, try to stay away from him as much as possible. The more you want to get closer right now, the further he will go. He left you for a reason and not until you solve this one problem, anything you do will only push him further from you. So, put your phone aside and instead start thinking about what made him break up with you.

The first and most important step to winning your boyfriend back is to make him really want you, without doubt. It may not be simple considering your ex boyfriend already has a new girl. However if your break up wasn’t really that bad then you can very easily win him back with these few simple tips.

So How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back If He Has A Girlfriend?

1) Try your best to become, and remain friendly with your ex boyfriend and make him realize how well you actually know him and you are able to be a good friend to him, even after your break up. When his anger over the break up starts to subside he may start to show an interest in you once again.

2) In the time you are being friendly, be sure not to give him the impression that you are easily available to him when he requires it. You need to allow him to build up curiosity in you so he really wants you, but also play a bit hard to get. You need to build a balance here.

3) You can make him jealous by seeing other men, but you need to do this very carefully. You may actually put your ex boyfriend off or on the other hand may come running back to you with open arms. It all depends on your ex boyfriends personality and you need to make a good and solid judgment based on your past with him.

4) Always talk about the good times you shared during casual conversations and avoid talking about any of the unpleasant memories which could turn him off. If you catch him looking at you, try giving him a glance out of the corner of your eye. Be a little mysterious with him. Let him think you are not just there for the taking.

5) Be nice to him and to the girl

It’s tempting to march up there and give them a piece of your mind. But then again, making a scene is not the best way to get back on your ex’s good graces. Also, he’s going to feel smug or pity you because you’re obviously so affected by all this. No, if you want him back then you’re going to have to be a good girl and be nice and mature even if it’s killing you inside.

6) Try not to bad-mouth his new girl

He introduced you to his new girlfriend so what do you do? Do you tell him in private that you think she’s a slut? Or do you act interested and happy for him? You need to be nice and pleasant because honestly, he won’t appreciate it if you bad-mouth his new girlfriend. The only thing you can do right now is hope that he’ll realize he made a mistake for leaving you and that this new girl is not the one for him.

If you happen to meet him with his ‘other’ girlfriend, do not create a scene. This will be one really hard thing to do but you will have to if you want to get your boyfriend back. During the unexpected meeting act as nicely as you can, asking a few questions about how he is doing and all. Do not avoid his girlfriend, look at her in the eye when you talk to her, this will make her feel really guilty if she is the reason why your boyfriend left you.

After avoiding your boyfriend for some time while not calling or texting him, or acting like nothing happened; you will notice that he will want to know what is happening on your side. Believe me, he will start sending messages asking really silly questions or even texting you acting like he missed the phone number. He will be eager to know what happened, why you are avoiding him like that. In fact most men have a ‘womanizer’ sleeping in them. Once you avoid them, they will want to get closer to you. Also it is a natural human reaction; now to get him back will depend on how you deal with his hints. Do not act too fast or make him feel that you need him.

Bottom line

Bottom line is, if you want to know how to get your ex boyfriend back when he’s with another woman, you’re going to have to play nice. It’s hard and it’s probably killing you inside. But if you want to get his attention without embarrassing yourself and looking desperate then this is the way to do it. If you start acting nice and being the same woman you were when he first fell in love, then it’s likely he’ll be reminded of what he’s lost.

If you have confidence in yourself with the above steps on how to get your ex boyfriend back when he has a new girlfriend then you already have your foot in the door!


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