If you are the type of woman that depends on luck to get pregnant, then it is time to change your ways. Sometimes you would want your child to be born during a particular time of the year. In some cases, you might just be eager to get pregnant during a certain month. Whatever your reason might be, there are healthy tips on how to get pregnant.

One thing you shouldn’t settle for is the claim by some health counselors and quasi-health professionals about the use of drugs to aid conception. With simple and healthy practices, this article will show you how to get pregnant without future complications.

Halt your contraceptive use
If you really want to get pregnant, then you need to stop the use of contraceptives on time and early enough. Some methods of controlling birth come with very long periods of adjustments. After you use some of these methods, your body, as a woman, needs a little time before it gets back to normal, ready to consider pregnancy.

For women who use IUD contraceptives that are implanted, you should go to a professional doctor for help on how to safely remove it. Contraceptives of the hormone such as birth control through the oral method, using of Nuva Rings, and other hormones injecting methods take very longer periods before the body can adjust.

No matter the kind of contraceptive you apply, you should stop early if you want to get pregnant.

Know your fertility period
As a woman who wants to become pregnant, you should time and know your fertility period. Knowing your fertility period increases your chance of getting pregnant. So how do you know your fertility period? These are some tricks to help you out.

  • Do a forward counting right from the beginning of your just-ended period. Averagely, the ovulation of many women happens 2 weeks after their menstruation. This doesn’t depict that you only begin trying to get pregnant after 14 days of your normal period.
  • If you think it’s too difficult to do by yourself, let an App do it for you. Just Google “Ovulation trackers” as a keyword you are bound to get a lot of useful ovulation tracking Apps to keep you on informed and updated.
  • Track the mucus of your ecervics. Though this might look gross to you, it is worth the effort. When the discharge from your Vagina becomes stretchy and pure, it means your fertility is active. During this period, you can start sex with your couple for, and you will surely conceive.

Increase your sex frequency
Immediately you begin to realize that your fertility is active, you should be very busy by then. You should start having real sex consecutively. The frequency of sex with your partner will determine how fast you become pregnant. The following are some sex tips to help you get pregnant.

  • You should commence your regular sexual intercourses before you start ovulating. Since the viability of eggs stays for 24 hours, and sperms are able to be alive for even 7 days, you should do your best to conceive some days before any inkling of ovulation.
  • Always keep the supply of sperm fresh. The ability of sperms to stay inside a woman for up to a week does not guarantee the potency of those sperms. To always keep sperms fresh, make sure that your sexual intercourse is done every day, especially in your fertility periods.
  • If you want to get pregnant, then you shouldn’t use medications or ‘boosters’ just to increase your pleasure during sex. Thus, things like spermicides, stimulants, and lubricants should be avoided in a sexual intercourse.
  • Let the sperm flow inside. Immediately after sex, you should continue lying down for some minutes. Research has shown that this gives sperms the energy to settle and find their ways to wherever they want, thus increasing your chances of getting pregnant.

Eat fertility-boosting foods
Both folklore and our traditional form of medicine establish that there are certain foods capable of increasing fertility. These are some of the foods to eat if you want to get pregnant.

  • Resort to the eating of foods that have a plant-oriented ingredient in them. Foods such as fruits, nuts, vegetables, and grains. These foods contain vitamins and antioxidants that are known to be of help in boosting the lining of the uterine of a woman and therefore a good in helping you get pregnant.
  • Recommended protein foods: taking in the recommended protein would help you get pregnant as well. Food items such as eggs, chicken, and seafood are all capable of improving your fertility and helping you increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Stop the use of any depressants or stimulants
If you want to get pregnant, you need to completely stop boozing. Substances such as alcohol, cigarette, and caffeine are capable of reducing your chances of conceiving. To get pregnant and do it fast and healthily, this is what you need to do to halt stimulants in your life.

  • Completely stop smoking: you need to stop smoking as soon as possible if you plan to get pregnant.
  • Halt any drinking habit: if you are a woman who is planning to become pregnant, then you need to stop the taking in of any beverage deemed alcoholic.
  • Too much caffeine consumption should be halted: planning to get pregnant? Then halt your intake of caffeine. Caffeine related foods, including coffee and chocolate reduce your chances of getting pregnant and you should drastically reduce or completely halt their intake if you are planning of a conception.
  • No drugs: if you want to conceive, then you should avoid using drugs such as marijuana and cocaine. These drugs are capable of reducing or completely destroying your fertility.

Don’t over exercise
It is true that doing daily exercises is good for the body and the entire being, but too much exercise is also not that good, especially for women who want to conceive. If you are a woman who engage in fierce exercise daily, your ovulation period might stop, and thus reduce your fertility levels. As such, if you are planning to conceive, it’s advisable you take a little break from hard exercises that are capable of increase the rate of the heartbeat.

Don’t carry all the burden as a woman, the man has responsibilities too
When planning to conceive as a woman, you shouldn’t just think about yourself and how you can keep yourself from or do all the things mentioned above. If the man still has issues, then your efforts of getting pregnant would be nullified. This is what the man needs to do in addition to what you are doing as a woman, so that your chances of getting pregnant are increased.

Increase the power of sperm
No matter how a woman gets ready to get pregnant, if the sperms from the man are not good, then the pregnancy is surely bound to fail. In order to increase the potency of sperm from the man, this is what needs to be done.

  • Alcohol should be avoided. Drinking alcoholic substances reduces the level of testosterone contained in the sperms and hence reduces the man’s chances of getting a woman pregnant.
  • Drugs such as tobacco, as well as those taken to boost exercises should be avoided. These drugs are capable of reducing the function of the sperm in the man.
  • Keep a good weight. If a man has too much weight, that’s obese, the release of sperm becomes slow. Regular exercise from the man can help increase his chance of getting a woman pregnant.

Keep the testicles cook
To get pregnant, your man’s testicles must be kept cool at all times. Men should make sure that the things they do including putting laptops on their laps, sitting at one place for a very long time, and always working in environments that are deemed hot are reduced. These activities make the sperm hot, and when that happens, the ability of the sperm to make a woman pregnant reduces. Men should also try to desist from wearing boxers that are too tight. The testicle should be given some space to breath.

Seeking professional advice when things are not working
In some cases, you might go through everything that is mentioned above, but still not getting pregnant. Most women ask when they should go see a professional. Pregnancy doesn’t happen overnight. It comes in 6 months when you begin to have sex. Research has shown that out of 10 women, 8 conceive within 6 months.

If you are still not getting pregnant after this period, it doesn’t mean you should rush seeing a professional or a specialist in fertility. Your level of fertility hinges on the age you are. As your age increases, your chances of fertility reduces. For women who are 35 and above, it’s advisable to see a professional immediately after having six months of planned sex and conception to no avail. However, for those women who are below 35, you can keep the efforts and plans even for a full year before deciding to see a specialist if things do not go well.

It’s good to plan for your own pregnancy. We are in modern times and you shouldn’t rely on luck to get pregnant. It’s something you can plan yourself. It helps you get pregnant at the time you want. It is also a way of helping you and your partner plan both physically, emotionally, psychologically and financially to welcome a new member to the family. Getting pregnant shouldn’t be luck, but a planned thing.


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