Getting a girl’s number is one of the biggest milestones in giving a start to a healthy relationship. No matter, how strong or macho a man is, he will always sweat hard when the time comes to approach a woman. Most of the times, men find it intimidating to put their ego on the line of a female fire. But to take the things forward, it is really very important to put your smart move and use some great tricks to fetch the contact number of the girl you are interested in.

Well, girls are girls; they have a very strong sense of intuition. They can analyze the situation much before it actually happens. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that your approach is natural, humble and of course genuine or otherwise she might can get a negative vibe and things may go in a wrong direction. It’s always better to do a bit of research before actually making the initiative as it will help you to avoid any chances of failure. After all, it’s all about your future.

So, we are here to fuel your dating initiatives and help you in taking the things forward. Before you ask for any girl’s number, here are some do’s and don’t that you must keep in mind:

10 Essential Tips To Get Her Phone Number:

Asking the number too soon

Mannerism, it’s the first and foremost thing a girl looks for in the person she wants to date. Many a times, guys don’t wait too long to ask girl for the number. An instant unplanned attempt comes with more chances of failure, whereas a planned approach brings lots a confidence and positivity. It is always preferable to take a couple of minutes and initiate a friendly chat to make her feel comfortable, so that she can develop some good thoughts about you. Walking up straight to a girl and asking for her number can intimidate her as she might hardly know you and won’t really have any good reason to give her number to you. A pressing engagement of few minutes can create a matter of interest in you that will be helpful in getting her number. There is no reason to try in haste. Remember, haste makes waste.

Wait for the High Point

One of the biggest mistakes that lots of men usually make is asking the number of the girl when they are actually getting ready to leave. Well, it’s always worthy to initiate this topic in the mid of conversation which works as a high time. This trick is quite helpful in getting instant results and it also allows the two to keep talking after exchanging the number that further cements the emotional connection. Asking the number at the moment when you are ready to bid goodbye is usually not effective.

Get her interested

It is quite obvious that a girl will never share her number to anyone unless she is completely interested in someone to begin with. Therefore, one of the most important steps in getting a girl’s number is to do something to win her interest. The best way to make any girl interested in you is by flirting with her in a very cheeky manner and approaches her in a way she feels special. When it comes to flirting, one needs to draw a line between a cheap way and healthy flirting. So avoid doing things that can make her feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

Tell her you need her number

This is often considered as one of the biggest blunder when a guy asks the girl for her number. Rather than asking, it is advisable to tell her that you need her number so that the two of you can get some better time together. Telling her that you actually need her number gives a positive signal to her and works as a stronger and more confident move rather than simply asking. Your chances of getting the number will increase dramatically when you will start your action plan this way for your advantage.

Hand her your phone

As you tell her that you need her contact number, the next part of your strategy should be making the things easier for her. Place your phone in her hand in a very confident way. But make sure that your phone is on the screen where she needs to enter her number. Make her feel special by making it easier for her to enter it. Remember! Don’t let even a minor obstacle to stand in the way of you in getting the number for which you are trying since many nights.

Text her Immediately

Texting serves as the safest mode of taking the things forward without getting into those terrible goosebumps and palpitations. One of the best things about texting is that it actually vanishes that whole awkward ‘when do call her’ kind of dilemma. It is recommended to send her a quick and playful text immediately after getting her number. Girls like guys with good sense of humor. This can be a great way to charm her and make her interested in talking to you.

The Right Way

The player’s way allows you to get prepared in a way that will improve your chance of getting her phone number in a smooth way. One can easily use this strategy anywhere, including restaurants, cafes, bars or even in libraries. Most of the girls value emotions. Emotions are the intuitive logic center of the brain. When the unconscious mind picks up, the time comes to act through emotions. A girl responds more emotionally towards a cool, confident, suave and attractive guy rather than a guy who seems to be awkward, nervous and uncomfortable. Therefore, one should do some homework on their own self before actually approaching a girl for her number.

Engage her with a small argument

Now, this doesn’t mean that you need to get into some extremely heated up situation. All you need to do is to annoy her a little to get her attention. The girls eventually like guys who are creative by nature and present themselves in a very unique way. So, choose a subject wisely and dominate the conversation.

Sometimes it’s better to contradict at certain points no matter how flirty she is. It is tricky, but if the things fall right and you become successful in annoying her with your dominance, she won’t be able to stop thinking about you.

Being too nice never works

Sometimes, things become too perfect to be real. Girls can sense this as well. Therefore, it is always advisable not to be too nice in order to impress a girl. Although there is nothing wrong with being nice to a woman, especially to the one for whom you have a special place in your heart, But kindness is not something special that will mark you different from the crowd.

Most of the boys are nice to girls or pretend to be nice towards an attractive woman. It’s a very regular way of approaching a girl. Girls usually look for guys who make them feel attractive. They no more look for a guy who make them feel like a princess, but all they want is to be a pampered queen. They don’t look for too many qualities rather they search for something appealing that makes you different from the rest.

Don’t ask for E-mail address or Facebook

It is crucial to be clear about your goals. All you need is the number of the girl. Don’t allow yourself to feel satisfied with anything less. Getting an email address or Facebook is not as effective as getting her personal phone number. Many a times, guys make the mistake of asking for Facebook or email address in nervousness as they find it simpler and safer than getting the number. If the woman is not interested in sharing her number there is no point in chatting with her on the internet as well. It sometimes sounds kind of wimpy when you ask for a secondary contact sources when she refuses to share her phone number.

Sub Communication while asking the number

Most of the women are highly attuned to subtle micro-expressions and various other body language clues. So, if your voice goes up an octane and you start sweating, she will get the idea that you are nervous or getting afraid. These micro-expression might can give a wrong turn and serve as a little alarm bell for her. Therefore, it is really essential to learn how to keep a check on your non verbal gestures during social interactions. It might take time but will surely create a great difference in the way the girl perceives you.


Well, as we know getting a girl’s contact number serves as a crucial step towards dating and intimacy. It is one of those things that many guys fumble upon. An impractical approach can make or break the situation. In case, you goof up and she refuses to give the number, it will be very difficult to get together with her later on. So, keep the above mentioned tips and tricks in mind and charm her in a way she finds irresistible to date you soon.


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