So, do you wish to impress that beautiful lady you met a few months back? Well, we all know that flirting is the very first step to making a girl fall head over heels in love with you. Are you feeling that you are falling for your crush but don’t know how to make yourself look presentable without sounding cheesy? Just remember, you don’t always need to be a player when it comes to flirting. Flirting is no trick game if you simply get to play the right moves at the right moment. Here is exactly what you need to do. I am sure that these exquisite tips will help you to make a place in their heart definitely.’

Flirting Tips That Never Fail:

So basically what you need to do is that stay real with them. Don’t fake what you are not. Supposedly if , someone acts artificial in your presence or pretends to be someone he/she isn’t, would you like it? I am sure you won’t. To win someone’s heart you need to be very true to yourself first. Impressing someone doesn’t mean that you just say or do things that don’t define your character. I am sure you are looking for a long term relationship with this girl. Hence, this is the first step to attract someone. Trust me, everyone values real personalities.

Bodily gestures like shaking your hand, giving a hug etc stay a lot about your personality. You can judge whether the person you are falling for is really interested in you or not. Do they smile back when they see you? Do their eyes shine when you are around? Can you light up their face? And most importantly what you can do is just lean in a bit or bend a little closer and see how the other person reacts. Trust me, if the response is positive, things are working between you both. Also, its advisable to make a regular eye contact with them.

We don’t have the patience to listen. We usually like to talk, talk and talk. But while you are with your crush, make sure that you are more into listening things. Also, show them that your life interest them a lot and always stay attentive. You can make the things more interesting by cross questioning them and also by giving them several advises. We all love that special treatment and if you can lend them an ear patiently, trust me, things are going to work out with you. It will be an icing on the cake if you can actually remember minute and intricate details of their lives. You can drop those details later in conversations to remind them that you actually remember them.

No one likes to indulge in things like she loves me, she loves me not. You strictly have to avoid it. Be very clear with yourself first. Are you really into them? Do you look forward to having a relationship with this person? If yes, then please make it obvious. No one likes to live in a state of confusion where one has to guess things out. So make things clear through your flirtatious gestures or words. Actions speak louder than words. Show them that you are looking for something more than a mere fling.

Make the person feel that you are interested in them. You have to go that extra mile to make them loved and special. Show them that you really care. Laugh. Smile. Wink. They should know that you enjoy their company and look forward to it. We usually want to be with people who are joyful, happy and comforting. Show them that you are actually engaged in the conversation. You can show her that you are actually interested in talking by asking her questions in between your conversations and make her feel that she is special. If you actually want to win her heart, make sure that you let her know that you remember every minute detail she told you. After all, we all love to enjoy the attention we get and this would definitely make you more appealing.

Girls like extremely confident men. So, make sure that you carry yourself like a gentleman in front of your pretty lady. And what can be an icing on the cake would be your smile on the face. All in all, just make sure that you look charming and vibrant in front of her. First impression is always the last impression so make sure that you make her fall head over heels in love with you the very moment you meet it. It won’t be difficult if you are good at cracking jokes and making her enjoy every moment you spend with her. Just be bold but courteous at the same time.

Flirting would fail in every possible way if you don’t compliment the lady you are trying to woo. I bet you on this, compliments have a magical effect to turn things right always. If you are sitting or standing beside a girl, slowly move closer to her so she knows that you are comfortable being around her. You have to win her trust before you think of making the next move and I am very sure that she would give in very soon. So buddy, just keep trying.

This is the biggest mistake many guys commit and hence lost the game even before it gets started. You have to know that acting possessive and desperate is a complete turn off. You just have to let her know that you are interested in her but not desperate enough to have her. Also even when you are into making her feel special, you have to do that without being clingy. Just remember, girls are usually attracted to guys who know how to carry themselves with the right attitude. You need to keep one more thing in your mind. Don’t flirt with a girl too much if she looks like she is taking you too seriously. You may be looking for a serious relationship, or you may just want to have fun. If she is looking for more and you are not, then don’t lead her on.

This is the most important rule of flirting. You have to simply make her feel extremely comfortable around yourself. I am sure you would want to know her better before you even think of proposing her or just getting hooked to her. Just keep the conversations going and you would definitely know if she is really interested in you or not. The point of flirting isn’t to bare your soul or share your honest opinions about each and every thing. It’s to open the door to more conversations down the road so you can judge whether you are actually on the same page with the girl you are attracted to or not.

Someone has rightly said that practice is the key to success. Keep trying and undoubtedly you would learn with every encounter. Flirting is no tedious task for a guy if he simply knows how to touch the chords of a girl’s heart in the most efficient manner. It’s not as hard as it might seem to be. The more you flirt, the easier it will get. You just have to be smart enough to be open to making changes in your style and techniques if need be. After all, you need to make the efforts in the right direction to get what you want.

Sometimes creating mystery is important to explore what is going in the mind of the other person. If you actually want the other person to want you, you need to keep them in some obscurity. It’s totally not advisable to unravel each and every bit of your life because that would simply kill the charm. To keep things going, you need to be interesting and attractive so she know that you are hard to get.

These are some of the useful tips which may work for you. Also, it totally depends on your skills, about how to go on to charm the girl and persuade her. These are simple tricks you can follow to see a remarkable change in your life. I am sure that you can simply drive your girl crazy if you are good at understanding her psyche in the best manner. Tricks would work more effectively if you are a good at reading her mind and heart. And last but not the least, its never too late to learn to flirt. There is no rule book as such and I am sure you can start with these simple tricks to see how things work out.


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