The skill of flirting with women is not easy at all. Especially if somewhere near them is their boyfriend or the man with whom they have decided to spend the evening. Often such tripartite meetings result in extremely interesting and uneasy situations, for which every flirting man, who respects himself, should be prepared. In order to present himself in the best way possible.

There comes the boyfriend of the girl, who you just have started talking to:

An extremely unpleasant situation. Just in the moment, when you have ventured and made successfully the first contact with a girl you like, there comes her beloved one. It is very important not only how you would react in this unpleasant for all of you three situation, but you should react first, too. First of all you should know, that if she has accepted this flirt this means that this makes her feel good, but you should have in mind that she could become discouraged in front of her boyfriend. Therefore you should act quickly and smart before she has given it up.

The best thing is to stand calmly in front of her, so that she could look at you more than at him and to start talking to him immediately, pretending you are friendly. Your voice must be with a harsher timbre than his and you should talk moderate and calm. If you do it properly you could be leader and this shall immediately be seen as you shall stand out in front of them. You ask him a question with which you make him start explaining, after that you immediately interrupt him easily and start to joke with the girl.

With him you should behave as if you don’t notice him and bit by bit you shift him away from the conversation by focusing on her. As you are following her reactions continuously and you try to maintain her good and upraised mood. Before leaving you look at your watch as if you are late for somewhere and after that you are asking her for her phone number. You should try to select the passing moment for this and to judge well the situation, whether you should do it in front of her boyfriend or in a moment when you are alone.

How to start talking to her in front of her boyfriend:

This is one of the boldest ways to get to know someone and you should be very delicate, careful and you should watch the reactions of your interlocutors. The good thing is that with such situations there is always interest from the woman’s part. Since every single woman would try with joy the tolerance of the man she is with as it concerns the raids of other men. This is particularly valid when she is obviously bored and the man next to her sits expressionless and keeps silent.

In this situation you should look exactly for this particular moment and win her attention. Afterwards you could catch her in your nets. If you want that everything goes according to the plan, stand in front of the girl, so that you could have more place, this would make you look more impressive. Look at her straight in the eyes, smile at her and make her a nice compliment. After that you could tell her that you want both of you to get to know each other, since you find her very attractive. Ignore her boyfriend and pay no attention to him at all…

Don’t turn to him and don’t look in his eyes, and if he asks you a question, pretend that you haven’t heard him at all. And continue flattering the girl. If her boyfriend is a loser he would like to avoid confronting you. And if he is perky and aggressive, he would start being provocative. In this moment you should cut him with a phrase, which should make him feel uncomfortable and stupid. This works especially good when you are in a public place.

Afterwards you say with a charming smile sorry to the girl about the misunderstanding and you retreat as you very carefully watch her reaction. In this way you would be able to parry the conflict and you should make a good impression to the girl. And when she is left alone depending on her behavior during your retreat you could try another one, but more moderate contact, as you are being rather friendly. And from the moment on when she gives you a sign, you could be more aggressive.

How to impress her if you are in the middle of a big company together with her boyfriend:

If you are a bigger company and you want to flirt with the chick of someone of the people there, you should try to become centre of the company and to dominate over him. To be more funnier, more intelligent and more cute than him in every single aspect. You should continuously try to attract her attention with topics she finds interesting. And from these topics you should be able freely to go to funny stories, which should cheer up the company and make everybody laugh, especially her. At the moment when her boyfriend starts a topic, you should listen to him with attention, but you should try to laugh at this topic in a good moment after that you should shift the topic again to a funny story or a joke, which should make everybody laugh. In the whole time you should try making her feel as a main interlocutor on the topics you are discussing.

Try looking her straight in the eyes and to use every passing moment in order to smile at her. This could allow you continuously to get positions of sympathy and to wait for a passing moment, when you should be able to start talking to her and to challenge her in front of everyone in what she is best at. You make her become hotter, as in this way you have an ideal pretext to ask her for her phone number and make a date with her with her where she could prove to you that you could defeat you. Of course this date should be coordinated in a way, that would exclude the presence of her boyfriend, in order to be able to present yourself freely at your best.

The above mentioned three situations are most often met where you have the possibility to flirt successfully with another one’s girlfriend. Of course, not everything depends on you moment date, but if you try presenting yourself better in front of her, you could have a good basis for a further more profound contact, where you could look for greater proximity with her, too.


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  1. What horrible advice, follow this and don’t be surprised that your hit in the face by the boyfriend for being so rude to him.

  2. It always goes to violence Right? pathetic,pathetic,pathetic
    You know what ? i wish the police put their hands on this boyfriend for attacking an innocent man .
    Nobody should be fearful of violence when they approach women . these boyfriends are NOT the only men in the world

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