Guys all around the world wish to possess their most loved lady throughout their life, as it will provide them that extra happiness and comfort which is something special in all manner. Cuddling a girl in the evening after a day full of hardships will help you to combat all your worries, and you will be able to say a big blatant NO to those unending professional hassles and stress. But unfortunately, there are umpteen numbers of guys all around us who are still unsuccessful in finding a girl friend of their dreams. Minds of these guys will be filled with only one question, ‘how to find a girlfriend‘, and we are hereby trying to give them a solution for this problem.

Before starting your hunt for a dream girl, you should first understand that finding that soulmate girl is not an easy deal, but not that difficult too. This article will provide you some of the most effective tips which will help you to find that girlfriend of your dreams.

The Best Tips On How To Find a Girlfriend

Be Yourself: This is the first and foremost tip you should follow while starting your search for a girlfriend. Many guys used to pretend to be something they are not, and this is one of the most common mistakes which will surely fetch unexpected negative results. While approaching a girl, always make sure that you are behaving in the most natural manner. You should show who really you are, and don’t ever worry about a possible rejection. If the girl you approach is your soulmate, then she will surely understand your strength and weaknesses, and will finally love you unconditionally.

Being yourself does not mean that you should present before herself in the rawest manner. Instead, you should be a bit careful about your looks, and should make sure that you are dressing up in such a way that you resembles like her potential boyfriend.

Be a Good Listener and Speaker: Communication plays a crucial role in determining the success of any relationship. Many men used to face problems while speaking with their girls in the initial days. This is not at all a good thing, and it will not create any potential benefits. Being a man, you should be clear and crisp, and should talk to her without any kind of stammering. You should reflect your confidence in your words, and it will surely make you impressed without any doubts. In short, while talking to your girlfriend, talk like a gentleman. Always remember that a gentleman will talk in a soothing, clear and strong manner, and he will not have any doubts while delivering sentences. Speak slowly, and do not hurry in your talks.

While talking, you should always try to maintain a give and take attitude. You should become a good speaker and listener. When you girl is talking, listen to her carefully, and this will give her a positive impression about you. During the talks, you should give her a feel that you are more interested in her. Ask your girl about her ambitions, outlook about life and concept about a prospective girlfriend.

Say NO to flirt and be a man: If you are looking for a one night stand or short time relationships, then flirting will be the best thing you can do. In this case, you are searching for a girl who will stay with you till the end of your life. So, always make sure that you are behaving like a man in front of her, not as a nerd. Good girls will not be obsessed towards those nasty pick up lines. So, strictly stay away from these quick tips to tame a girl. Instead, you should show the gentleman who lives within your self, and this will fetch you the most desired result. It is always recommended to emphasize your best features, as it will make a positive mark in the girl’s mind very quickly.

Understand her and make her feel good: Mutual understanding is very much necessary for a successful relationship. Being a man looking for a trustworthy girlfriend, you should first understand her completely, and should try to make her feel good with your deeds. For example, if she has asked you to quit smoking, then do it. Do not lie to her and smoke in her absence. Once she will find this out, and things will not be that great at that time. Making her feel fabulous is undoubtedly the first way towards a successful guy-girl relationship.

Try to surprise her all the time with unexpected gifts: For example, most of the girls love flowers, and you can gift them in all special occasions. Sometimes, even a small unexpected cuddle from your end will make her feel special, and what awaits you will be a fruitful relationship which will last forever.

Be a good performer at the bed: Last but not the least, this tip too should be given vital importance in your journey to get a good girl friend. Sometimes, you will be able to find a girl who meets your tastes and needs. But on the same time, imagine the case in which you brutally fails to perform good in bed on your first night. As a guy, you should understand that girls are also human beings, and their flesh too deserves to be touched. So, be confident in bed time, and perform your best. If you have any kinds of sexual problems like premature ejaculation, talk to your girlfriend, and no need of any hesitation. Talking about these things without any hesitation will build trust in your partner’s mind, and she will also help you to overcome the situations with ease.


The tips mentioned above are very much effective in finding the right soul mate who will stay with you forever in your life. Being a guy, yous should personalize these ‘how to find a girlfriend’ tips, and should apply it wisely for better results. Following these tips will surely help you to find out the answer of your long time question, ‘how to find a girlfriend’, and the chances of disappointment will be very less. So, why to hesitate? Follow the tips wisely, and dip your life with those desired colors of fun and affection.


Anna Perkins is a relationship writer who offers her own forthright opinion over the worlds of dating, romance, relationships , marriage and friendships. She loves cats, traveling, spending time with her son and husband.

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