There is a common belief nurtured by people that it is the women who are worst affected by break ups, the truth is even men find it hard to deal with break up. Irrespective of the fact as to how a break up takes place, losing a relationship always leaves back a deep feeling of loss along with heartache. Men find it hard to accept rejections. Dealing with a break up is not easy for men. You might be okay for few hours but soon you find it difficult to deal with the loss.

Here are a few breakup advices for men:

  • Breakup advice for men I – While a man is trying to get over a break up, the first things that is necessary for him to know is it is always ok to cry. Men should not feel ashamed of crying. Cry as much as you can, it will make you feel light and relieved.
  • Breakup advice for men II – To get over a break up, you got to erase all her memories. Get rid of the gifts that remind you of the time spent together. Holding on to the gifts will do no good to you rather than aggravating your pain all the more. You need to get away after a break up. Go out enjoy your friends’ company for sitting at home will only bring back her memories. Experiencing and dealing with a break up can be little more than tough often for men.
  • Breakup advice for men III – In the post break up phase, once you start feeling better and capable enough to once again glance at the situations after a break up, you will soon start feeling constructive once again. You need to be a man now and analyze the entire situation and think on what happened. Ask your self, why did this break up take place in the first place? What went wrong? Try considering that this break up is not just your fault, or if possible try to think that the break up was not your fault at all.

Start thinking about the various reasons after a break up and think hard. Analyzing the reasons may make the cause of a break up a lot transparent to you. Be a man and try to realize that though it takes the efforts of two individuals to build a relation yet just a little discordant attitude on woman’s part is enough to ruin it resulting in break up. Such an insight will help the man to avoid a lot of things in the future.

  • Breakup advice for men IV – In order to get over a break up men need to keep their personal space intact. Often exes decide on staying friends and continuing the contact. So in case if you and your ex-partner decide on something similar, that would be a very bad decision. In order to get over a break up, one of the most important Breakup advice that men need to follow is sever all contacts with his ex. And this needs to be done right after the break up. This is necessary for you so that you can successfully move on with your own personal lives after a break up. This is something serious. You will have to stop seeing your girlfriend, not hang around with any of her friends or family members. Do not call her after a break up; also do not send any text messages or emails. This is absolutely indispensable for you to do in case you really want to see you’re self-getting over a break up and resuming a normal lifestyle once again.
  • Breakup advice for men V – One of the most important things that you need to do for getting over a break up is avoid rethinking the breakup decision that you took. In case you took the initiative for the break up then you should rather stop feeling guilty about it. Just thinking about all the good time you spent together will only force you to forget the elements that had made the relationship unbearable and the break up necessary. At the same point, it is also necessary to mention, once you have a break up never try to give a second thought to the break up even though you didn’t make the first move for it. Romanticizing the cheerful parts is common and obvious, but those shouldn’t be enough to further convince you that the bad situations were not bad enough. Remember, a break up is always better than living with problems day in day out. After a break up, there is no point thinking that only if you could let you ex know how exactly you felt about her, she wouldn’t have opted for the break up in the first place. One of the most important ways of getting over a break up is to stop playing this emotionally taxing game with you. A man needs to accept the break up as soon as possible and learn how to move ahead after a break up.

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