Being in a relationship always feels amazing. It is truly one of the best feeling in the world. That feeling of togetherness, love, care and intimacy is something that almost all of us enjoys. But when it comes to being a couple, I am sure you don’t want to be the couple who has problems, but a couple who steals the limelight and makes their friends jealous.

It is always a great pleasure when your relationship is appreciated by everyone, especially when it gives them a little feeling of jealousy and the wish that they could be like you. It is something that you should definitely aim for. It is so much fun to have a great chemistry with your partner that not everyone achieves. If you manage that, you will definitely get some comments from your best friends and see them get jealous.

As the sentimental coach Harriet Lerner explains in her latest book, it takes two people to form a couple, but with the willingness of one of them, it is enough to reduce the situation. So that your relationship does not fall into this abyss and you can have a relationship that your friends are jealous of, we share with you the 10 golden rules of a good relationship that can make life much more interesting for both you and your partner.

1. Make positive comments. Frequently, couples who have been in a relationship for many years fail to highlight the good things about the other person. It is often assumed that these are obvious things that need not be said or have been said on other occasions. Positive feedback, however, reinforces the bonds of the relationship. This will definitely make your best friend jealous if her boyfriend forgets to notice her new outfit and gives positive comments on it.

2. Reduce the intensity of criticism. The number of positive comments should be vastly superior to that of negative comments for a healthy relationship. Sometimes, it is better to avoid a criticism that might ignite a heated discussion. As Lerner explains in his conjugal manual: No one can survive a marriage, at least happily, if he feels more criticized than flattered. This definitely makes a relationship so strong and content that it would make others jealous.

3. Pay attention. Knowing how to listen is an essential quality of married life. Failure to pay attention to the person you are living with is one of the clearest signs that your relationship is in a period of decline. So listen to your partner and make your relationship worth being jealous of.

4. Apologize. Asking for forgiveness is an art, especially after a discussion in which we believed to be the reason, a fundamental question to settle and forget the possible damage caused. When the wounds are badly closed, it will be easy for them to reopen at the slightest hint of remembering the situation in disagreement. This is something not all couples do, so your friends will be jealous if you practice it.

5. Do not demand that they apologize to you. Although one believes with reason, it is useless to require the other person to apologize to us because when things are still hot, and if he/she has a pride of his own, he/she will never recognize his guilt. Moreover, the situation can lead to the typical tug-of-war. What the coach advises is to try to reduce the tension and return to the topic when the situation has calmed down. Again, reducing the ego in relationship can make your girlfriends pretty jealous because this is something they don’t have.

6. Respect the space of your partner. Everyone must have their own space to develop their personal goals, professional goals or simply to be with their family or friends. When your friends see both of you do it, they will be surprised and hope to have something similar in their lives.

7. Worry about the small details. Day by day, it can make us fall in the monotony if the details are not fomented, although this seem insignificant at first sight. Your partner will appreciate the surprises and their concern for details that in isolation seem banal, but this is what together make the difference between a happy couple and a bitter one. This matters a lot. Your partner can make you so special in one instant. So do it and make everyone jealous.

8. Do not press. When your partner has a bad time and decides to cut off communication and distance, do not pressure. When he/she feels better and with room to breathe, they will come back to you and appreciate that you respected their moment of mourning. That goes for all couples, but not everyone can practice this. So give each other space and your relationship will be the best making everyone super jealous of what you have.

9. Physical attraction. When we begin a relationship, the first element that attracts us is usually the outward appearance. Curiously, it is among the things that we most tend to neglect once we are really in a relationship. That is why, no matter how much time you have together, look for ways to remain physically attractive to each other. Being the most charming and attractive couple is something that people only wish for so do it and make them jealous.

10. Intellectual attraction. It is necessary to continue to share things that are unique to both. When dating, it is very important to be alone, to walk hand in hand in a park or to sit on a bench or in a café for hours and hours talking about you two and “those things”. It is really important to ensure that these special situations continue to be maintained.

11. Be brief and concise if you have to blame something. There’s no point in re-enacting a criticism, insisting on the same thing all the while and raising the tone to seem harder. In fact, always be considerate about each others feeling and always be humble and polite with each other. Understand the mood of your partner and react accordingly. I am pretty sure that after seeing this level of understanding, your friends will wish to have the same kind of relationship as you have.

12. Accept each other as you are. The defects of a person will not disappear by magic for many years to come. It is best to assume that the person with whom you have decided to live together will hardly change. It will be best for both of you. So accept each other as you are and live a happy life. And when you live your life to the fullest, it automatically makes other people go jealous.

Believe it or not, if you follow these 12 golden rules religiously, you will definitely have an envious relationship that your friends will be jealous of and want for themselves. No feeling is bigger than love on this planet. And when you share that level of trust, understanding and love with someone, everyone adores you and desire for the same relationship as you have. So fill your relationship with love and understanding and make head turns your way when you walk out of your house. You will soon feel the huge difference. So try these tricks now!


Anna Perkins is a relationship writer who offers her own forthright opinion over the worlds of dating, romance, relationships , marriage and friendships. She loves cats, traveling, spending time with her son and husband.

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