When it comes to approaching women then many guys fail to approach women successfully. Every day you see many hot women pass from you on the street but you don’t know how to stop women on the street to grab her attention. This is something that most people don’t know. If you want to cut your leaning curves about dating then you need to read out below tips which explain best way to stop women on the street. Here are some tips about how to catches her attention and make your conversation romantic.

Tips about how to approach women on street:

Speak Up:

The best way to approach women on street is using your voice. Make sure your voice and words are clear enough to make girl understand. You need to speak up load in noisy street to make girl hear you. Don’t approach girl when she is walking with his brother/sister or any family member she never response to you. Make sure girl is alone and she clearly understands each and every word.

Don’t follow her:

If you want to approach women on street successfully then you need to avoid following her, it scare girl and she ran away. The best way for approaching women is by complimenting her. Try to give compliment about her clothes or hair and see how she is responding to you. Instead of giving multiple compliments it is good to notice what is different in girl that you are approaching. Either she having new hair color or she is wearing latest fashion clothes. Try to give compliment about things that make girl different from other. Girl will love that!!


How many times you read about eye-contact. Numerous articles, website, forums and guides contain information about eye-contact. Yes, it is true the most important thing in approaching women is eye-contact. Make sure girl sees you noticing her. Let your eyes meet with her eyes. Once your eyes meet with her eyes, give her smile or wave something that seize her attention towards you.

Become confident:

Confident is the key while approaching women. Girls like confident guys you need to show you’re confident in what you are doing. Walking with heads down and/or putting hands in pocked will never attract any woman. Experts say guys which do actions with his hands while conversation are confident. These words are in the mind of every woman. Keep in your mind while approaching women.

Pass Smile to her:

Smiling is very important tool for approaching women on the street. When your both eyes contact with each other it is good to pass out little smile to her and let her response you by smiling. Make sure you both have enough distance to allow girl to see your action clearly. When you see girl is coming towards you, slow down and let her engage in your conversation.


These tips about how to approach women on street will help you if you apply them in your practical life. There are many dating tips you will get on the internet or by reading dating guide like “The Tao of Badass”. You never learn tricks of approaching women until to try them. Try approaching women on street does not matter if you fail, at least you come to know why you do not succeed in approaching women.

Try learning from your mistake. Dating tips can only provide you information they don’t bring your dream girl in your bed. It is you that need to try and let’s see what happen. Approach women without any expectations, if you fail you don’t have anything to lose and if you succeed you achieve your goal. Always remember the key factor that woman look when you approach her on the street is confident. Make sure you bold enough in all your actions to seize her attention. Don’t care about society, let them think what they think you just go and start approaching women.


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