So you are wondering how to know signs a girl like you? The opposite sex can be confusing at times. Just when you believe that she has given you all the right signs… just when you are on the brink of asking her to the movies or out to dinner.. BAM! Suddenly her body language seems to change, and you second guess yourself, right? Well here are some tips that may help clear things up for you a bit.

How To Know If A Girl Likes You?

1. Body Language

A girl’s gestures can convey to you a lot about what she’s feeling and if she’s into you.

If you observe that she is extremely mindful on precisely how a she looks then she is making herself to appear perfectly fine, then that is a clue that she is fascinated because she is conscious about how you looks. Unconsciously, she may mirror your body language. She’ll move in synchronization with your moves, another solid sign that she’s feeling your vibe that she doesn’t even know she’s sending out.

Make a look at the sweet of her giggle while talking and other gestures such as when licking the lips; these are signs that a she minds you. Try to be closer leaving no space between you and her. If she appears comfy with that, she is communicating to you that she loves you

When you observed crossed arms and that she maintains a posture with her shoulder drooping, then be more watchful of other negative clues because she might be trying to give you the message not being interested. Do not make a drastic move of backing off, though. It can be that it is her nature to put up a defense mechanism. The art of talking will let you create a more desirable ambiance for her to reveal her real feelings toward you.

2. Tell a Joke

A good test when trying to determine if a woman likes you is to tell a joke. Laughing at someone on the unconscious level says a lot about their interest in you. It shows she is paying attention to your words…hanging on to your every word. If your jokes are bad, and she is still laughing this is an even better sign. She is communicating to tell you, “Hey, I like you. Keep talking to me. I don’t care what you say; I just don’t want our conversation to end.” This is very, very good for you.

3. Giving You the Third Degree

You might think a girl is just being nosey, but when she begins asking you questions like, “Who lives with you?” or “Who did you take your last vacation with?” what sheasks is “Do you have a girlfriend?” Whenever a girl is attracted to a man this is one of the first things she wants to know; she is tries to determine what her chances are of landing you. The third degree is a major sign of knowing whether or not a lady likes you.

4. She is Thoughtful

People tend to think that the female sex is naturally nurturing and thoughtful. Well, not always. And those who are stepping it up a notch when attracted to a guy. You cannot go wrong in believing a girl needs you if she goes out of her way to comfort you or make you happy. Maybe she knows you love the blueberry muffins from the bakery down the street and brings you one every morning, or perhaps you are sick, and she brings you chicken soup. Go for it bud, ask her out for dinner.

5. Watch Her Best Friends

A girl’s friends are the most obvious sign in determining whether or not she likes you. Girls tell their friends everything, much to your chagrin I know, but it’s true. If her best friends suddenly begin smiling at you when you walk by or giggling as you pass, then you know she likes you; you can now approach your chosen one with confidence and a smile. Are her friends always asking you stupid questions about her? Girls like to talk to their friends concerning men that they are attracted in, so pay attention if her colleagues ask you a bunch of pointless questions. Women will tell their friends how they feel about you. So pay attention if her friends ask a lot of pointless questions.

6. She likes to have a conversation with you.

If she seems to want to continue her conversation with you although there is nothing more to say, there is a high chance that she may like you. Normally, if the girl does not like a guy, she will not bother to keep on the conversation. She would like to go on to do something else. You can notice her gesture and see if she is waiting for you to say something more.

7. She looks at you a lot when you are around.

Some of the girls may not want to make it obvious. However, some don’t mind to make you aware of that. You may feel that every time you look at her, she has already looked at you. And you feel that it is not the coincidence. This is another way to tell if this girl likes you.

8. The girl can be attentive to what you say.

This shows her obvious interest you. She listens to you a lot and seems to enjoy doing so even though what you say may not be that fun. This is a better sign for you if you also like that particular girl. You will have a high chance to win this girl if you go for it.

9. Touching

If you’ve been talking to a girl for a while and start generating a good rapport, she will open up even more to you and will start making physical contact. Just like guys use kino to show their interest, girls will do the same thing, albeit in a more subtle fashion.

Once you know signs of a girl who likes you by examining her verbal and non-verbal signals, your game will be at a much higher level, and you will become very socially aware, an attractive quality in its right.


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