As the romantic paradigm shifts from love at first sight to love after a detailed profile search and exchanging flirty messages, more people are discovering the upside of finding their long-term partner online. Married couples whose internet romance blossomed into wedding bells report longer-lasting commitments and greater marital satisfaction than those who met in a traditional manner. But why?

It could be, perhaps, that couples who go online looking for love often know what they want and can easily be upfront about it. It is much easier to fill in a form or type out a message detailing that you seek a serious, long-term partner than it is to tell the stranger you are just getting to know over a glass of wine and first-date jitters, who at any given moment may bolt for the door. Online venues make it easy-peasy to be explicitly clear about what you are looking for and to narrow your search down to somebody who wants the same.

Dating chat websites are now one of the most popular methods of finding a date, and with more than seven million UK residents now signed up to online dating services, there are plenty of potential matches out there. Being able to flirt online through a chat website is a much more relaxed way of getting to know a potential partner before you meet in person, perhaps taking some of the stress out of the awkward face-to-face chat up and keeping the conversation rolling.

Chat Websites: The One Stop Shop for Singles

We’ve all been there – that uncomfortable first date when you’ve picked the wrong bar, you’re not really attracted to the person you’re with and having run out of small talk you’re starting to wish you’d stayed at home with a box set and a bottle of wine. Too often, it seems, dating and disappointment go hand in hand.

Yet while face to face meet-ups can frequently be disastrous, taking the time to get to know someone before you take that plunge into a real life date can spare you an awful lot of effort (and heartbreak) in the long-run. Chat websites give you the space and time to find out a little more about the shared interests and things you have in common with potential dates, to learn a little more about their personalities, likes and dislikes and whether you feel that ‘click’ which makes you want to take things to the next level.

Signing up to dating chat websites gives you the opportunity to engage in some harmless banter and flirting without being under any obligation to follow things through if there’s no spark. With so many people online and available to chat, you can quickly and easily screen out anyone you don’t feel a connection with and narrow down a shortlist of potential partners you’d like to meet.

Dating Chat Sites: Some Dos and Don’ts

When you first start out on a dating chat website, remember that your username is your first introduction. Make sure you pick something catchy and memorable, which will pique the interest of prospective dates – something a little risqué might be acceptable and even quite an ice-breaker, but steer well clear of picking a username which might be interpreted as crass or offensive.

When you first connect with someone, ease yourself into the conversation with some fairly safe and neutral topics such as asking about their favorite films or books, or what line of work they’re in. Obvious as it sounds, certain subjects are clearly not recommended and will not go down well – nobody wants to talk politics or hear about past partners. Try to strike a balance between asking questions and giving information. People love to talk about themselves, so throw the person you’re chatting to a few prompts and take an interest in their answers.

There’s also a fine balancing act to be struck between giving too much away early on and coming across as guarded and on the defensive. If you feel there’s something between you, you want to make sure you have saved something back to talk about if you decide to hook up in the real world – giving them your entire life story online and being left short of conversation offline could put an end to the relationship before it has even begun.

If you’re going to share or ask for photos, try to get some which span a period of time so that both you and the other person can build up a better mental image of each other. The disappointment which comes with meeting in real life only to find your date looks nothing like their profile picture is all too common, and while you want to look your best, you’re only cheating them and yourself by sending only flattering shots of a younger, slimmer self.

Always bear in mind your online safety, too. Dating chat websites are great fun, but if someone gets too pushy or comes across as too desperate to take things offline then be cautious. Never give out more personal information than you’re comfortable with, and if you do decide to meet up, make sure friends and family know who you’re meeting, when and where.

Love at First Click?

You might not find ‘the one’ instantly on a dating chat website, but you’ll certainly be starting the search in the right place. Chatting online via a chat website can be one of the most enjoyable ways to meet people and make connections, giving you more time and space to get to know someone from the comfort of your own home before you take the step of meeting them in person.

Chat websites are great fun and a more laid-back way to find a date, so sign up, start chatting and with any luck you’ll soon find love online.


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