Once again I’m delighted to feature a lovely proposal story. Hester and Scott very kindly decided to share the details of their 5000 mile marriage proposal and special day in Alaska, enjoy!

‪Please introduce yourselves

‪Hester & Scott Turkington‬

So just how did you plan the 5000 mile marriage proposal and what was the inspiration behind it?

‪I was born and raised in Alaska. My work took me to Missouri a few years ago and it’s there that I met my future wife. I have a huge place in my heart for Alaska so I thought I would try to make Alaska a special place for my wife as well by proposing to her in my home town of Homer after a ‬5000‪ ‬mile‪ road trip to Alaska. ‬

It took months of planning. I really wanted to make the proposal special and personal to our relationship so I did a lot to ensure everything was perfect and that it went to plan! There was a lot involved, such as making a custom ring box out of hard woods, planning the logistics of having a car ready for us in Anchorage so we could spend the last 200 ‬miles‪ alone, figuring out her ring size without asking her, and creating a unique video to play for her that would pop the big question to her when we got to Alaska.‬

That is some planning and forethought! Who else was involved in this audacious plan?

‪To get the ring size I had my cousin, who is good friends with my wife, ask her what her ring size was in an inconspicuous way. It was months before we all headed north to Alaska so she was pretty unsuspecting. ‬

‪In the video I edited, I had to find people who spoke Vietnamese to help me pick out a nice romantic song for the video, as well as translate my request for my wife’s parents’ blessing to marry her. ‬

‪We also drove the entire way from Missouri to Alaska and back on straight vegetable oil!‬

Well that is certainly a first! Yet again it amazes me the lengths (no pun intended) guys will go to in order to make their marriage proposal unique and perfect for their ladies. You did an amazing job with this and I wish you every happiness for a great life together. Thank you so much for sharing and inspiring others to pull out all the stops for their proposal. Somehow I can’t see anyone topping this 5000 mile marriage proposal any time soon!


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