Is it possible to get an ex back? This is the question I am asked every day at my counseling practice. Each and every one of us has gone though the process of losing an ex and then trying to get your ex back. All of us has had our world collapse from underneath us. Depending on the personality of the person involved, we all take the separation of our ex quite differently, but some things we all have in common:

  • We are sad, unmotivated and often desperate.
  • We wonder why our ex-partner has been cold.
  • We want to get an ex back.
  • We wonder how we can get an ex back.
  • We think everyday what the best strategy is to get an ex back.

This article addresses all the points above. But one has to know, it is realistic in most cases, to get an ex back. How big are the chances of a successful getting back together with an ex-partner? Well the study was conducted with men and women of all different ages and the results from the study of the Love-Care Institute in the year 2009 tell a better story.

You can also study, in detail the best strategies to Get An Ex Back.

According to the study, the chances to get and ex back successfully are between 50% and 89%. The question of whether your ex-partner is a new partner, has an impact on your chances. To increase your chances to get an ex back, you should consider the following points.

Properly Deal With Your Own Heartache

In the aftermath of a separation from our ex-partners, we feel depressed, sad and frustrated. Some are angry at their ex, while others think every free minute of her or him and still others wonder how life will ever go on without the ex-partner. Suddenly every meaning is missing in life. You want to get your ex back.

Our feelings after a separation from the ex-spouse can help prevent us from getting back together. Emotions are only human and make us realise just how fragile we really are. We can try to control our feelings and work toward our goal to get an ex back, but more negative feelings creep into our head and positive and joyful emotions become less and less. We must let these positive thoughts and feelings into ourlife in order to not only heal, but to help get an ex back. This is the basis for our being able to get an ex back. People with a positive attitude can be attractive to other people. How this “transformation” creates the opportunity to get an ex back is discussed in detail in the strategy guide to Get An Ex Back.

Typical mistakes to Avoid

After the separation, we want to get our ex back and to prevent any chance that he or she will forget us. This is especially true when the ex-partner is the one who wants a “break”. The success, however, remains high in most cases and it gets hard when our ex-partner distances them self from us more and more everyday.

Intuitively, most people commit typical errors: Regular contact, gifts, offers of friendship and discussions with the ex-partner. Why do we do this, well it is because it fits together so well and seems right at first glance. In most cases they are counterproductive and do not help to get an ex back.

In addition, many of us tend to neglect ourselves after a breakup and not take care of our needs in our own lives. We are perceived as dull and sad of our environment. One feels sorry for us, no one finds us attractive or admires us. But here is where we must go on! If our ex-partners are attractive and admirable us, this presents the biggest chance to get an ex back.

Be aware that is absolutely typical of people to make these errors after a breakup! All the typical errors in the Get an Ex Back relief package can be downloaded and we will also touch upon

  • How big are your chances of success?
  • The differences between male and female ways of thinking.
  • What are the 10 biggest mistakes you can not commit!
  • Which factors do you have to work today to get your ex back
  • and much more

Anna Perkins is a relationship writer who offers her own forthright opinion over the worlds of dating, romance, relationships , marriage and friendships. She loves cats, traveling, spending time with her son and husband.

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