So you want to get your ex back but you don’t know how to approach the problem. Here are some general guidelines you can use but if you want a full get your ex back bulletproof guide, you can find it here – click to get your ex back.

Well the first thing you must figure out is your ex really good for you? I know you want all the answers and how’s but, just hold on a second and think about it.

Why Do You Want To Get Your Ex Back?

  • Are you just jealous that your ex might find someone new or is already dating?
  • Are you just trying to feel less blue about your break up?
  • Were you and your ex really good together?
  • Why did you break up in the first place?

Once you figure this out, you’ve done almost half of work. Now the second half is to convince your ex to get back to you.

If you know your ex is THE ONE for you and you’re ready to do all it takes to get your ex back, it’s time to get to work.

Now I know this will seem very counter-intuitive to you but you must stop all contact with your ex. If you’re wondering why I advise that… well there are a lot of benefits. For one you’ll get a moment or two alone with your thoughts without expecting something to happen and change the whole nightmare scenario. I know it may not seem all that important but after the break up people tend to focus entirely on the person they just broke up with instead of on them self’s.

Next you need to figure out what would make you happy at this point.

And as an added benefit you’ll make your ex miss you and wonder about you. Once your ex gets to thinking about where and how you are, you have a chance of winning him/her back.

Get your ex back by making your ex miss YOU Your ex will never and I repeat NEVER miss you and wonder about you if you’re constantly showering your ex with attention, so email, texts and communicating/stalking on social networking sites. STOP! NOW!

The same goes for apologetic behavior (even if it is your fault and I’ll get back to that in a minute); being needy and telling your ex you love them every 30 seconds. Even if you did something wrong and you’re the „blame“for the break-up, you’ll have a much better chance of getting your ex back if you stand your ground. Yes, admit you made a mistake and assure your ex it WON’T happen again, but DON’T act as if you’re trying to make up for it all the time.

And if you ran into your ex while you’re in a no contact phase, don’t try and make your ex spend a minute longer with you then he or she wishes. Say hi, smile be very friendly but don’t get into the break up discussion. There will be a time and place for that but it’s definitely not in the supermarket, street or in the gym, O.K.?

Focus on yourself those two weeks; try to figure out what YOU want to do with your life – what makes you happy, what really makes you tick. Did you ever want to take a trip or learn a new hobby/language? Well now is the time, indulge yourself a little. It will help you grow into a more interesting person and once you meet up with your ex again you’ll have a much better story then: „Yeah, I was crying on my couch the entire time while barely sustaining my self form calling you… 24/7“.

Also, work on becoming a „yes“person. You know the one, the one who doesn’t refuse invites to new parties, events or meeting new people. If you had friends before you hooked up with your ex it’s time to call them up. Chances are you behaved like a „no“person so many times that they gave up on you already, so pick up the phone and go out. Meet new people, have fun, flirt, socialize.

Oh and if this all seems a bit overwhelming and you’re in a hurry to get your ex back you can find a full, step by step guide here.

Flirting is just harmless fun (and if your ex doesn’t think so, consider did you really want to get your ex back) and getting your ready for meeting with your ex once again.

And we’re slowly getting to the KEY here – key to the whole “get your ex back” puzzle is attraction. You’ve already attracted your ex once, or you two wouldn’t have been a couple in the first place, but now it’s time to spark that up again.

So you’ve survived the two weeks of not calling your ex, a new hobby or a trip and a bunch of new people/events/ experiences, now you’re ready to face your ex with an entirely new attitude. Call your ex up and tell him/her you want to thank him/her for all the great thing she did to you and the memories you two shared. Also note you don’t really want to do it over the phone since it’s personal and intimate and you’d love to see your ex.

Don’t be too pushy, this will definitely turn your ex off. Just offer to meet if your ex tells you he or she is busy, be cool about it (and if you have a tendency to get jealous, don’t under any circumstances start attacking your ex about what and who she’s busy with). Call your ex up again in 2-3 weeks and try to meet up if it doesn’t work, although I assure you it will, people love to hear good stuff about themselves, give it a few more weeks. Let your ex come to you. Also don’t try to set up for dinner it sounds like a date and it might scare you ex off at this point, just grab a cup of coffee during the day.

Finally you two meet after a heartbreaking break up and 2 weeks of no contact. This might be scary for you and I really want you to play it cool. I know you won’t’ be inside, but here is a secret – neither will your ex. Nobody is cool meeting up for the first time after the break up, especially when relationship/break-up patterns have changed.

Your ex might want to talk about the break up, and don’t dismiss his/hers feelings, but don’t go too deep into it either, it will associate you to the pain of the break up and that coffee will not end well.

Try to keep it light, like you’ve just met. Like it’s the first date ever. Be funny, charming and a bit mysterious that really sparks the attraction mechanism. Don’t be possessive and jealous – remember you have no „right“ over you ex, the way to get your ex back is through his or hers heart, not control. Make your ex fall back in love and again meet the person he or she fell for in the first place.

Also don’t try to milk this date – go for 1, hour and a half tops and get out of there. It would be great if you’re the one to end it. Don’t make apologies, just tell you ex you had a great time and will call him/her again. And do call again making another „date“. Try this technique once again. Work on attracting and charming your ex.

Get Your Ex Back Into Your Arms

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Of course if you want your ex back you will have to have the break up talk eventually, but be sure to wait till your ex associated you with having fun and positive feelings. Then you can go and really dig deep into the problems you had and the reasons you’ve broke up.

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