You can feel the warmth of her upper thigh barely touching yours as you sit closely side-by-side on the park bench.

“I really enjoyed spending the afternoon with you,” she says with a smile.

“Yeah, me too,” you reply, your eyes concentrated on hers.

She begins to bite her supple lips and postures her back straighter. You can feel the tenseness of the moment as hesitation hangs in the air.

“Well, I should get going…” you say resignedly.

“Oh…yeah, I guess I should too…” she replies. You can feel the disappointment in her voice.

“Well, goodbye.”

“Ok, I’ll see you around.”

“Yeah…” she says indifferently.

As you stand up and walk away from her, you can feel the weight of her disappointed gaze as you leave the park.

Then it sets in. The painful regret of not making a move.

Why do I always do this?!

So many guys don’t pull the trigger, even when they know that she wants to kiss him.


Usually it’s because they don’t know how.

If you know exactly how to build up to a kiss and how to give the girl a good experience while kissing her, then you’d be confident to make a move every time.

Being a smooth kisser is all about awareness and calibration. If you know what to look for, then you’ll know the right time to kiss a girl.

Here’s how you do it.

Building up to the kiss

Before actually kissing the girl, it’s important to know how to set the mood for the kiss. It doesn’t typically make sense to transition from being highly animated and talking quickly and excitedly straight to kissing. Usually there is a moment of pause right before the kiss.

But let’s say you’re in a heated debate about politics. How do you transition to a kiss from there?

  • Triangular gazing – One way is to use a classic technique of gazing from the left eye to the right eye, then to the lips. Do this slowly and deliberately a couple of times. Usually when you look at her lips, this will increase sexual tension. Likewise, if a girl starts to look at your lips, she’s usually sending the same signal back to you.
  • Slowing the rhythm – By talking a bit slower and quieter, the girl will start to feel the tension increase and will feel aroused. Also, by talking a bit quieter, you can talk into her ear, which makes the transition to the kiss substantially easier.
  • Pendulum – This goes hand in hand with the pendulum technique. This basically means that you talk in her ear, then when you are listening to her, look into her eyes. The combination of proximity and eye contact will arouse her.

Signs she wants to kiss you

  • Proximity Test – Use the pendulum. Whenever you pull back after talking in her ear, close the gap more. If she doesn’t back away, continue to close the gap until you are inches from her face. Then it’s quite obvious that she wants to kiss you. Go for it!
  • Cheek test – Whenever she touches her cheek against yours when you’re either talking to her or you’re dancing or hugging, then she almost always wants to be kissed. As soon as you feel it, kiss her.

A good way to build up to the cheek test is to take her hands and wrap them around your neck. If she doesn’t back away, then put your arms around her waist across the small of her back. If you’re close to her and she doesn’t back away, kiss her. If she hugs you and her cheek is pressed against yours, kiss her.

When you actually do kiss her, do it decisively. Proceed in one motion. Any hesitation will kill the mood. Don’t worry about trying to be smooth, just make it happen. If you try to be smooth, you won’t be.

How to recalibrate?

What if it turns out that she didn’t want to be kissed? No big deal.

Just make a joke out of it and change the subject. Keep talking for a bit and try again later with a different approach. So if you wrapped her hands around your neck initially, then try proximity instead.

By using these tips, there is no doubt that you’ll quickly know how to turn a girl on, subsequently leading to sexual arousal and attraction.

That’s pretty much it. Look for the signs, elicit the tests, and enjoy oral herpes!


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