These days while surfing the net, you are sure to come across a galaxy of sites that allows its users to network with friends, family, and colleagues. You will also come across sites that offer “free dating” facilities, The world of online dating has revolutionized with the advancement of Internet, and  there are thousands of free dating sites. The presence of so many free online dating sites without doubt makes it more than hard for any individual to choose a single trustworthy free dating site or decide on which one is a safe and authentic dating service in the first place.

People basically use the online dating sites in order to contact and interact with absolute strangers from different parts of the world through a very easily accessible mode of communication, chat. But one thing that none of these young and excited online daters realize is that most of the free dating sites & apps at the Internet do not run any proper screening system to choose on their members.

After all, these are free membership dating services where just anybody and everybody can sign up. Most of the free dating sites simply make potential members to go through a trial after which, if they want they can sign up for a free membership. Hence free dating sites are a brooding ground for convicted criminals, online dating scam artists and even sex maniacs. These hideous people just wait in the shadow of the online dating sites to come across the suitable naïve individuals whom they can take advantage of.

Hence, it is absolutely necessary for all individuals who are considering online dating to first cross check the authenticity and quality of the free dating sites they are registering for. When signing up for any online dating site, you first need to carry out detailed research on the site ensuring the fact that no notorious individual could take your advantage via this free medium of interaction. Here are some ways on how to find a safe online dating personals site.

Step I: Check if the free online dating site has a proper Privacy Policy posted at the portal. It is absolutely necessary for a free dating service to have a Privacy Policy. It is generally embedded in a link at the bottom of the web pages on the free dating site. Read thoroughly through the policy and find if the site assures to aptly protect all your personal dating information. Also try to trace whether the free dating site sells the email addresses of its members to other dating services at the Internet. Take a look at the “Terms of Use” page as well and check if they have any processes of screening their members before allowing the membership.

Step II: Check if the free dating service you are considering has an updated Copyright. This is one of the most simple and authentic ways of checking the authenticity and the maturity of the free online dating service. In case the copyright in not current, even if it is just a few months in lapse, you should better try and look for some other online dating site.

Step III: Look out for some of the sample single members at the site. Check by choosing on particular individuals who, on the whole, suit your dating criterion. See if the profiles are well written or are complete trash. Do all the members at the free dating site appear to be hunks and hotties or are there some tangible real looking people also? Often some of the new free dating sites which do not have that much number of members tend to post fake profiles only to attract naive users to their dating service.

On the other hand if you come across a number of profiles that are a just too casual and rather ridiculous, you tend to get that the management team at the free dating site is not apt enough with the reviewing job. In case this is common to the online dating site you are looking at, you better find some other site than this one.

Step IV: Check if the free dating site actually looks exquisite and attractive. Before you start off with online dating or sign up to any particular online dating service, do go for some extensive browsing to decide on the authenticity of the sites. The site you sign up to should have an easy navigation, look clean and have no annoying pop-ups. All of these are evident of a poorly developed and managed site and it is no point wasting your time at a sub-standard free online dating site. After all you can’t just take the risk of mentioning all your personal dating details at a dating site that is not safe and trustworthy. So be careful to keep an eye on all these points before you sign up for a free dating site and only then take your decision.


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