You are a hotshot executive in one of the leading firms in your city. You are studying Business Management full time. You also work on your novel from time to time and go to at least five business meetings every week. Well have you ever wondered that in spite of you attending so many public meetings and parties and having such a successful career, why haven’t you still met the right girl?

Well, if you think it is because you never had the time to, you are lost! We always have time for the things we want to do. It could be because you never gave it priority. You seem to give not much importance to any other thing in your life than your work. You follow a frantically hectic and crazy schedule on a daily basis which leaves you with no possible time or energy to pursue a relationship or even a simple date.

If you think that amidst your tight work schedule and hectic lifestyle it is impossible to date women, think again.  A woman will make your life more enjoyable and exciting. If you meet the woman of your dreams, your life will become smooth and simply great.

Dating Advice 1: One of the first things you would want to do is sort yourself out and try to find out what defines you. If your answers all lead to the office, you have a social emergency on hand. It also means you are officially, a workaholic. Any type of addiction, even addiction to work, is harmful and hence capable enough of creating serious problems. So the first thing you need to do is find if you have a problem and that you are a workaholic.

Being such a person, it is likely that you often take family and friends for granted. The reasons for your addiction could vary from a demanding boss, picky clients, escaping from your social responsibilities, or your personal ambition for a promotion. Whatever it is, you first need to trace the root that leads to the problems. And try to think logically and take some time out for yourself amongst the long hours you work every week. Dating girls or guys on the weekend is only going to add a fresh breath of life and energy into your strict schedule that will leave you revitalized for the week ahead. A nice date is a definite stress buster for the week ahead.

Dating Advice 2: Often when people say that they forgot to call you or do not have the time to call you what they basically mean is calling you is not within their priorities. What you need to realize is you actually do not need to work for all those long hours when you in fact put off a number of potential dates. Ask yourself, often when you avoid a date do you mention work as an excuse? Work emergencies are something else but obsession can be harmful. It is time that you sit up straight and take control of your life. One of the most common dating tips for men who are workaholic is to realize who controls your life, you or your boss.

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Dating Advice 3: When with your date, you need to focus all your attention on her and you are not thinking about the board meeting that is to take place the next day.  This is one of the most important dating rules. In case you have an extremely demanding job, it is all the more important for you to learn how to concentrate on the present and live in the moment. This helps you maintain a balance between your social life and work. In case you don’t get this dating advice straight, in no time you will find that you don’t have a social life at all, let alone a need to balance it.

So, while you start dating girls and go on a date, be careful enough to pay them your full undivided attention. Respond to your date rather than thinking of something you have to do once you get back to office. One of the most important dating tips for men is to pay attention to what the girl says so that you can get to know her better. Forget work when with your girl as she can really get upset if she gets a hint that you are busy thinking something else while she is talking. Believe it, a passing by date can often spring a long drawn relationship, and that is worth it!

Dating Advice 4: Seek some proven dating tips and dating advice from your married buddies. Often married folks have it easy and fully exploit their married license to do what they want. But that doesn’t mean they are less competent. It is only that they realize how important their social and family life is as well. It is often necessary to know how to say a ‘no’. Don’t feel shy to speak up if you are unavailable. Remember your time is as important as your colleague’s is. So, even a date calls for some balancing if there is an extra bit put on your shoulder.

Dating Advice 5: Start creating a life outside the office. Start getting out of the office and spending time with your hobbies. It is nice to hang out with friends who don’t work as with them you can chitchat on subjects other than work. Or hang out with friends who work in different spheres all together. Converse more and broaden your horizon of knowledge. In case a friend is philanthropic enough to plan a date for you, feel free to go for it. Gain some dating tips for your more experienced pals and seek some quality time while dating girls. It helps add some adventure and color to your drab life locked within the office.


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