“In this whole universe, behind the veil of every desire, people just want to be loved. “

I am sure you all would agree with a fact that love is easy, but relationships are not. Love is a feeling, a desire which fades away easily when responsibilities become a burden for you. Love is a choice, but relationship is a commitment. A commitment to love fiercely, to love unconditionally. And that is where everything gets twisted. With time people changes, so changes the nature of relationship. But we often forget that and demand the other people to love us no matter what. So if you too are in a relationship that lacks love and you feel that there is no respect between both of you, then it’s definitely a time to move on.

Here are the 25 signs that shows it is time to break the shackles to move on from your current relationship:

  • When you live in the past – Do you often revise the past times of your relationship? How you guys were happy and in love? If it is the only reason you are still continuing your relationship, hoping that it will work one day again like the past, end it now. Remember your relationship exists in the current scenario, not in the past. And when past seems more pleasing than the present, surely it is the time to quit.
  • When the relationship brings you more pain than joy – If you cry more often than anything for your partner, end it now. You are dating a human, not an onion! Yes, this is true. Relationships are meant to bring you joy and happiness. And if it gives you unhappiness than joy, shut it down now!
  • When your partner expects you to change – People change with time. All do. And if your partner cannot accept who you are and cannot love the person you are, surely this relationship will not work. You cannot change yourself for anyone, because that will be temporary and you will be in your true form in no time. And this change will only bring pain than joy.
  • You have stopped growing – Relationship is where people grow with one another. You grow together. But if the thing has changed and now all you do is to maintain the relationship somehow, surely it is the time to say I’m done for better.
  • Lonely – You feel lonely. You feel neglected and isolated all the time. It doesn’t matter whether you partner texts you or not, whether he/she is with you or not, you cannot get rid of the black hole inside you. If your partner cannot mend your loneliness, surely he/she isn’t for you.
  • You are tired – You are tired to make it work. You feel tired to make him/her happy, you feel tired to make gifts for him/her. It is a sign that, he/she doesn’t hold the importance they had before. Before it gets worse, end the relationship right here.
  • Compromise – A relationship needs compromise from the both side. But if you start feeling that you and only you are sacrificing and compromising and your partner doesn’t notice those at all, just move on!
  • Find yourself – When you grow with a relationship, you continue to find yourself in a new avatar every now and then. But when you discover that you aren’t finding yourself rather your partner makes you feel bad about yourself, it is seriously the time to step away.
  • You are isolated from your friends and family – If you try to spend time with your friends and family, your partner gets jealous. In order to make him/her happy, you have isolated yourself from your friends and family. It is a sure sign of a toxic relationship!
  • Restless – Often you feel restless. There are not any particular reasons, but you cannot get rid of your emotional blues. When there’s no peace, there’s nothing. End the relationship straight away.
  • You don’t feel respected – The big one thing in a relationship is respect. If your partner does not respect you or your choices, there’s no confusion about put an end to your relationship.
  • You feel trapped – you feel like you are a prisoner, waiting to be freed. You feel trapped in your relationship and commitment.
  • Trust issues – Trust is the base of all relationships. If your partner questions your loyalty more than often, it is the time to break up from your long-term relationship.
  • Ambition – All your ambitions have faded away. You don’t feel motivated at all.
  • Curiosity – You sense of curiosity has gone away. You don’t ask questions anymore.
  • Jealousy – You don’t feel any possessiveness for your partner anymore. It doesn’t matter what he/she is doing, whom he/she is hanging out with. You feel indifferent.
  • No common interest – You realize that you and your partner doesn’t hold the common beliefs anymore. You feel like he is a pole away from you.
  • You are perpetually exhausted – You feel exhausted all the time. Whether it is for your career or for your love interest, you feel exhausted to put on any efforts.
  • Past – Your partner hold off your past too tightly. He/she always asks questions about your ex and makes remarks on them. That is a sure sign to quit straight away.
  • No Support – You don’t feel 100% supported. He/she is always holding their life and they don’t support your ideas at all. You feel ignored and neglected like anything in your life.
  • Unresolved conflicts – You both often argue. It is okay, arguments are normal when you are in a relationship. But to resolve those arguments is more important than anything. If you have way too much-unresolved conflicts and you both feel exhausted to resolve it, clearly your relationship is hanging by a thread. Admit it, and move on from your current relationship.
  • Questions keep popping up – You often question the loyalty of your partner. Although he/she never cheated, but you always feel like he/she is going to cheat. If you can’t trust, there’s no meaning to hold a relationship. Let it go.
  • You don’t enjoy – You don’t enjoy your life like the way you did before. Often you feel disturbed or depressed of your relationship. Sometimes you have to let go your relationship for your own good.
  • No change – You are afraid of changes. Before you had an extreme love for changes, but nowadays you try to avoid every kind of changes, it scares the shit out of you.
  • Challenges – You no longer seek out new challenges. You feel suffocated and try to be comfortable in your own space. Inside you feel broken and don’t have the courage to face the world.


If you can relate to 2 or 4 sign out of the above list; don’t worry, maybe it is just a bad phase of your life, and in that case, I would suggest you carry on with your relationship and try to make it work. But if you can relate 10/12 signs out of 25, your relationship is in danger, and there’s no way to save it except to let it go. The more tightly you will try to hold it, the more you will end up hurting yourself. So move on now and set yourself free.


Anna Perkins is a relationship writer who offers her own forthright opinion over the worlds of dating, romance, relationships , marriage and friendships. She loves cats, traveling, spending time with her son and husband.

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