While the g-spot can definitely be somewhat mysterious and even a little intimidating for some guys, it is important to keep in mind that finding it and pleasuring her isn’t all that difficult. The more time you take to learn about the g-spot, the better your chances will be of pleasing the girl you are with. A g-spot orgasm is amazing for women, so you will therefore need to make a point of reading this article through very carefully. Once you learn the secrets of the g-spot, you’ll be able to make every girl you are in bed with moan and scream with pleasure.

Where to start

First off, you will need to know that the g-spot can be found either on the front vaginal wall or through the frontal vaginal wall, so that is where you want to start. While the girl is lying on her back with her legs open, look down at her belly bottom and pubic mound, holding your hand palm up. Slowly insert on or two lubricated fingers into her vagina. With the pads of your fingers, feel along the top of the vaginal canal. First you will feel the hard pelvic bone through the slippery vaginal tissue.

Applying Pressure

Whether you have your penis or fingers inside of her, you will need to apply direct pressure to her lower abdomen and mons, which is the triangular area that may or have not have public hair on it. This can really intensify the stimulation, so you can expect her to feel great. If she is laying on her back, simply press firmly down on the this area with your hand. You can also press your body against hers in order to create pressure. If she is on her stomach, that also works because there will already be pressure on the front side of her vaginal wall.

Let her mount you

The easiest way to go about stimulating a girl’s g-spot is by having her get on top of you. While this isn’t every guy’s favorite position, it is by far the best one if you want to bring her to a state or pure ecstasy and enjoyment. She will have a lot of room to move around, which is always a good thing for this kind of stimulation. Go ahead and tilt her forward or back. This will help her maneuver around so you can find the sweet spot. Since all men’s penises point and bend in different directions, this will allow for much more flexibility for your parts to fit together perfectly.

Use your Muscles

There is another trick that you will definitely want to try out, and it involves squeezing your pelvic floor muscles. When you squeeze these muscles, your penis will literally move and become firmer, which will enable you to hit her g-spot a lot easier. By trying this technique, you could effectively position your penis closer to the important areas for maximum stimulation.

Massage her outsides

The power of a nice long massage can go a long way towards helping to relax her, which in turn will make it more likely that she’ll experience pleasure beyond words when you two get started. Take the time to massage her genitals, specifically the outer labia. You will want to use both sets of index fingers and thumbs to gently squeeze the outer labia (the lips that have hair if she doesn’t shave). Make sure that you massage her pussy lips, pinching them lightly and pulling them up and down. This will help relax her in a big way, so you will definitely want to do it.

Start massing her inside

After you have given her a sensual genital massage for at least a few minutes, you will want to start massage her inside. You will of course need to know how to start so you get it just right. Insert a finger, curl it up and turn it like you are turning a key inside a lock. It is crucial that you start slowly and move faster and faster, because you don’t want to make her feel uncomfortable at all. You are essentially going to be using just your fingertips to push on her vaginal canal. This is a uniquely pleasurable sensation that many guys don’t even know about.

Hitting the G-Spot

You should start to notice her g-spot swelling up when you put your fingers inside her vagina. When a girl gets all horny and worked up, the g-spot tissue balloons and swells. When you first find this patch, move your finger in a “come hither” motion, facing the front wall of the vagina. You shouldn’t expect a reaction from her just yet. In fact, she probably won’t feel anything at all when you are first starting off.

The more you do this, the more she will feel like she needs to pee. This is a completely normal sensation for the woman, and you might want to verbally reassure her of that. You will definitely want to make sure that she urinates before you start doing this, because otherwise you could both end up covered in pee.

Using both hands to increase the intensity

A vast majority of men do not understand that the g-spot is actually at the opposite end of clitoris, so when you stimulate one you are triggering the other. When you learn to stimulate both at the same time, you will send her into convulsions of pleasure.

With her lying on her back, position yourself over her perpendicularly. Put the palm of your left hand on her pubic bone and let your fingers go towards the clitoris. Use your right hand to stimulate her g-spot from the inside. You are basically going to be stimulating both areas, pushing them towards each other.

This is really one of the best moves that you can make when it comes to pleasuring the girl you are with, and she definitely won’t forget it.


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