Engagement Ring Buying Tips #2 – What You Need To Learn Beyond Just The Four C’s If you’ve already done some research about how to buy the right diamond engagement ring then you will now be fully up to speed with the four C’s. Although the four C’s are an important part of choosing a ring, there are other things to take into consideration and the reason why we’ve put this Engagement Ring buying tips guide together. Remember that your Fiancé will be wearing this ring for the rest of her life so this makes choosing the correct ring extra important.

So I’m pretty much covered if I know the four C’s right?

Unfortunately, this is not necessarily the case. You should ask yourself whether you would know exactly what you were looking for if you were to study a diamond under magnification. The answer is probably no because you may be unsure about the difference between an inclusion and a blemish. Don’t seek the advice of your best buddy or your mom because unless they have received the relevant training and qualifications, they can’t help you. Even a jewellery store owner cannot be 100% sure about the quality of some stones. If you are hell-bent on making the very best decision regarding the purchase of the ring then you need to get help from a professional.

Get a gemmologist to help you if possible

Gemmology is a profession which identifies and evaluates gemstones. To become a qualified gemmologist, a person must study and be awarded a gemmologist degree from a certification program or school. A gemmologist who has graduated will have been trained by the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA) in all gemstone, diamond and pearl varieties. If a gemmologist has the letters G.G after their name you can have peace of mind that this individual is a senior professional in the jewellery industry.

What is the difference between a gemmologist and an appraiser?

Anybody can label themselves as an appraiser because the title requires no formal qualifications. It is fairly common for a jewellery store to have an appraiser sign hanging in their window. This can be very misleading so don’t let it fool you. A so called ‘appraiser’ can provide you with false information about your diamond ring and you may leave the store thinking that’s it’s of better quality than it actually is.

My Girlfriend has said that she does not want a ‘Conflict Diamond’ what does that mean?

A ‘conflict diamond’ is a diamond which allows terrorists to profit from the sale. These diamonds are usually bought in mining regions. Many women would not want this type of diamond because it’s unethical. Thankfully, there is only a tiny percentage of conflict diamonds trading these days. This is down to the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme which is a United Nations joint initiative which was formed by governments, non-governmental organizations and the diamond industry. This process ensures that terrorist activities are not paid for by the sale of diamonds.
I keep Hearing the Phrase ‘certified’. What does this mean?

Not all diamonds are certified. In order to be classified as ‘certified’ a diamond must have received a grading report which was created in a laboratory that describes it. So basically, if a ring is certified, it will have a grading report certificate.

Okay, so what is a diamond grading report?

A diamond grading report describes the colour, symmetry, fluorescent proportions, clarity and weight of a diamond. A report usually includes a diagram of the diamond so that a customer can see all of the diamonds flaws and characteristics. This is the best way to grade a diamond.

When I walk into a jewellery store, do the shop assistants have the background to appraise diamonds? Are they fully qualified gemmologists?

Unfortunately, in the majority of cases, retail staff, store owners and diamond dealers are not qualified gemmologists. It’s common for these people to sell inferior quality diamonds to customers without realizing it. The best way to avoid this is to research jewellery stores that have qualified gemmologists in store.

Buying an engagement ring can be fairly stressful because most grooms-to-be don’t want to let their girlfriends down. They want to present her with a ring that she will genuinely love and treasure for the rest of her life. Don’t take any unnecessary risks when you go shopping, seek out a professional and ask their advice before spending any money.


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