Everyone has a different sense of humor in their way, and some people have a particular dry idea of what is funny. If you want to know whether or not you have a dry sense of humor, you will need to make a point of taking a look at the following signs. Dry jokes can definitely be funny, but only to some. There are some telltale signs that your humor runs drier than most, and the more you learn about these signs, the better off you will be.

1. You Have a Sarcastic Wit
Those who have an arid sense of humor typically incorporate sarcasm a lot. This usually results in making a strange impression on people that you meet for the first time. People quickly realize what your game is once you start speaking.

2. Nobody Gets It But You
If you feel like you are the only one who finds your jokes funny, there is a good chance that you have an arid sense of humor. People with dry, funny bones are always wondering why nobody else is in stitches when they are trying to be funny in groups. Does this sound familiar at all?

3. You Thrive in Awkward Situations
You probably relish just about any awkward situation involving someone else, because you quickly use it as an opportunity to shine. Your jokes may fall flat, but you continue to use awkward situations to your perceived advantage whenever possible.

4. You’re Good at Talking Your Way Out of Things
One of the great things about having an arid sense of humor is that it’s easy to talk your way out of things when you are in a spot. These people have had years of practice, and they’ve refined their methods almost beyond belief.

5. People Hate Playing Cards with You
If you have an incredible poker face, there is a chance that your humor is extra dry. You are able to maintain a stone-faced expression even in the most intense situations, and nobody can understand why at first. This can definitely come across as odd to others.

6. Many People Don’t Understand You
There are numerous good things about having a dry sense of humor, but it can be quite lonely. You probably feel as though nobody really understands you. This is, unfortunately, the curse of the dry, funny bone, but it’s worth it.

7. You Don’t Find Traditional Humor Funny
It’s difficult for you to really crack up at traditional humor, which can be a bit unfortunate when you really think about it. People who are cursed/blessed with a dry sense of humor often don’t understand why everyone around them is laughing so hard.

8. You are a Fairly Smart Person
You consider yourself to be an intelligent person despite the fact that others might have a slightly different opinion of you based on the jokes you tell.

9. You Look at the Glass Half Empty
Being cynical just comes naturally to a lot of people with a dry sense of humor. This can sometimes get you down, but it’s just a part of who you are. You don’t really want to change this aspect of yourself.

10. People Take Your Jokes Seriously
Another sign of a dry, funny bone is that the people around you tend to take your jokes a little too seriously, and it’s because you have such a serious expression all the time.

11. You have a Dark Sense of Humor
A dark sense of humor is often a sign of a dry, funny bone. You probably make the people around you a bit uncomfortable with your jokes sometimes.

12. You Aren’t Phased Easily
You simply don’t get affected by the things that occur in life to the same degree as most other people. This is a class sign of a dry sense of humor.

13. You Weird People Out Sometimes
Do people sometimes seem a bit uncomfortable around you, especially when you’re trying to be funny? If so, you could very well have a dry sense of humor.

14. You are Quick-Witted
People with a dry sense of humor tend to be fast on their feet and react quickly to comments that are shot their way.

15. Sometimes People Don’t Understand That You’re Joking
If your jokes get mistaken for being completely serious a lot, there is a distinct possibility that your sense of humor runs on the dry side.

16. The People Closest to You Just Understand
Your best friends probably have a very intimate understanding of what you are like, including your sense of humor. You probably feel like these people are the only ones that really do get you overall.

17. You Are Difficult to Read
Numerous people have probably complained that you are just too difficult to read. They can never tell how you are feeling at any given moment because of your stone-cold expression, which doesn’t change much.

18. You Are Very Observant
If you are more observant than the average person, you could have a dry sense of humor. You are always noticing things that just pass by almost everyone else, and you use it to your advantage for telling jokes whenever possible.

19. You Can Read Other People
When you are around a person for even a short period of time, you can probably tell how they are feeling. This gift of being able to read people is closely associated with a dry sense of humor. It can also be extremely useful, especially when you are in a romantic relationship.

20. You Are a Bit Apathetic
Those who have a dry sense of humor are sometimes numb, but not all the time. You just have a very relaxed perspective on life, and there isn’t a lot that gets to you. You don’t care what other people think of you, and you like it that way.


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