I just found out my dad has another family

Yesterday, I went to a friend’s house. I had fun with my newly-found friends, even met a guy who was once residing in a foreign country. I talked to him for about an hour and that’s when I discovered he’s actually looking for his dad who left him and his mother in the States. I asked him who he is referring to, and as a response, I heard my father’s name. It was then I learned to realize that I have a sibling, half-brother to be specific. That was probably the most painful truth I’ve discovered. I just found out that my dad has another family. He didn’t tell me he has a family left in America some years ago. I don’t know if my mom knows about this, but I need to talk to her and to my dad. How should I approach them? Please tell me how.  


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  • Patricia

    Just do it. Don’t tip-toe around it and just ask your mother about it. If she doesn’t know then it’s good that she know this has happened and if she knows, well, you need to know more details. Don’t get upset either way. They are both people and people make mistakes so don’t be upset at either of them. It’s possible that she knew but chose to not tell you to avoid upsetting you.

  • abigail94
    I am not upset now, it's just that my dad could've told me about it. I will accept it anyway. But yeah, I need to go over things and try not to get angry with any of them. Thanks a lot !
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