I still have my supposed to be anniversary gift

I’m the type of person who likes to plan things ahead. Which is why, I already bought my anniversary gift to my then girlfriend two months ahead. It’s a Wacom Intuos Pro drawing tablet from Amazon. She really likes to draw and she’s pretty good at it. I saw one of her work while reading an international dating blog and I messaged her about it. That’s how she and I started. Sadly, our story came to an abrupt end. Now, I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with this tablet. I don’t draw. I can’t draw to save a life. Should I just sell this? I tried returning it to the seller but they said I can’t anymore. Should I just give this to her? This was bought for her anyway,


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  • Patricia
    Why not give it to her? If she likes to draw and you feel it's the right thing to do then go ahead and do it. You'd be making her happy and no matter what went on between the two of you, that is always a nice thing to do. 
  • excitedbf30
    Will it be worth it if I still give it to her? will I feel better that way?
  • Alice

    Only you know this. If you keep it, will you feel better? At least you’re giving her something to remember you by (if she’s take it as she might not want to). If you don’t feel like doing it then don’t do it; no one is forcing you to. But if I were you, I would want to get of rid the things that reminded me of her since she’s not part of my life. But, again, this is your decision to make.

  • girlwithglasses13
    I definitely agree with you Alice. Since you bought for her, just give it to her. And really, keeping things would be nostalgic. You'll just end up feeling lonely.
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