My girlfriend is asthmatic and I have pets at home.

I’m very fond of dogs and cats and I have a few of them at home. All my pets are allowed in all of the places inside the house. This was never a problem to me since I was living alone. Except for the occasional pooping and peeing here and there, everything was smooth. However, about 2 years ago, I met someone from a new year’s party dating service. She eventually became my gf and now we want to live together. The only problem is she’s asthmatic and it’s really bad. Animals trigger asthma attacks for her. Now I’m not sure what to do with my pets. I want to keep my pets since they have always been with me but I also really want to live with my gf so that we can take our relationship to the next level. Do you guys have any suggestions on what to do? Should I keep my animals in just one place?  


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  • Riana

    You can do things so that you can all live together. You need to regularly vacuum the house with a HEPA filter vacuum, brushing should be done almost daily plus bathing them from time to time (every 2-3 months at least). Do all of these things and see if things get better – they should. Otherwise go to your vet and ask him/her about this and he’ll probably give you something to solve this.

    PS: really liking your avatar ;)

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