Should I pay for my fiancee's parents' trip?


I’m currently debating with myself right now if I should offer to pay for my fiancee’s parents’ trip or not. They’re flying in to meet my parents and will be staying until our wedding day. My girlfriend and I met through an international brides dating agency. Probably not the most romantic for some but it was actually pretty sweet for both of us. Two years after meeting each other, here we are now, living together and counting the days until we tie the knot. In our 2 years, I’ve only met her parents twice. That being said, I need to know if it’s my obligation to pay for her parents’ trip from Mexico. Even if it’s not, should I still do it?


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  • Alice

    The question isn’t should you but rather can you? I mean, they are about to become a permanent part of your life, she loves them and they’re now becoming your family. These are the things you need to think about and you should probably also talk to your future wife about it. If you can pay for the trip, just do it. If not, maybe you could pay half? Just communicate and talk to her about it – this is a decision which you both should make.

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