Planning on making a documentary for thesis. Need help!


I’m currently having a thesis project for my 4th year in college. I’m an art student majoring in cinematography and I decided to go with some sort of documentary as my video presentation. I was thinking that since I’m half-American, half-Filipino, I’m interested in making a short docu. about marriage tours which are slowly gaining popularity over the years. It still remains as an underrated topic and I would want to inform the public about it. I first got intrigued with it since I found out that my parents met during a blind date back in their youth. My mom was working in the States and she decided to join one of those blind date events back then and that’s where she met my dad. Today, marriage tours are becoming more of a choice than blind dates. I need some help in constructing my documentary. From the timeline, to how I can interview some people who attended these events, and to testimonies. Has anyone have experience with this sort of thing? I really want to leave a great impression on my thesis.


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  • Patricia

    I would document it from online resources and see if I can find contact information from people who’ve done this and ask them for an interview. It’s pretty hard to find them otherwise. I think you can find a lot of information online on this subject – you just need to spend a few hours researching this. Doing a full documentary on this will take a lot of time and you might not have enough to finish it.

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